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1. Be Yourself

Each of us has come into this world with a set of unique gifts: talents, interests, and abilities. It is only when we tap into those gifts and share them with the world that we truly become empowered. Give the world your greatest gift — Be Yourself!

2. Trust Yourself

We each have an inner voice that is there to give us guidance. All we need do is ask and we will be shown our next empowering step. Listen to your inner guidance and learn to trust yourself.

3. Believe in Yourself

When we have doubts about our abilities, we simply need to ask to have the thoughts transformed that are limiting us from being the full expression of our magnificence. This opens the door to personal empowerment.

4. Know Yourself

We often know others better than we know our own self. True empowerment comes from taking the time to examine all aspects of ourselves and then move in the direction of those aspects that bring us joy and fulfillment.

5. Free Yourself

Limiting thoughts keep us in a state of disempowerment. Asking for those thoughts to be transformed results in the freedom and empowerment to achieve all our hopes and dreams.

6. Empower Yourself

Buying into our limitations is the most disempowering thing we can do. Identify each disempowering thought, ask to have it transformed, and step into the magnificence of personal empowerment.

7. Love Yourself

It is impossible to truly love others unless your love yourself — it’s like trying to give from a dry well. Learn to love yourself first, and you can then watch the ripple effect of your love spread, empowering yourself and those around you.

8. Express Yourself

Tapping into your creativity through art, music, dance or writing unleashes a boundless energy that enables you to share your gifts with others in a way that is empowering to you and those around you.

9. Celebrate Yourself

It is important to make time occasionally to celebrate ourselves for the unique gifts and talents we bring to the world. It is through those times of acknowledgement and celebration that we can truly appreciate who we are and step into our empowerment!

10. Be True to Yourself

We may often be asked to follow a path that feels out of alignment with our internal compass. Take time to find the direction that aligns with who you are and feel the sense of empowerment it brings when you are true to yourself.

11. Value Yourself

We place value on gold and silver but often forget that our most precious commodity is found within ourselves. Take time to empower yourself by acknowledging that you are a precious gift to the world that is to be honored and cherished.

12. Envision Yourself

When you find yourself in a situation that is disempowering, take time to envision how you would like the situation to be, feel the empowerment of this new way of being and it will be drawn to you like a magnet.

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Carol Hansen Grey is a visionary catalyst and social activist whose passion is to help people love and empower themselves. She does this through her books and CDs, through her personal empowerment coaching, through the projects she initiates and through her graphic design and web development work. She is a partner of Open Heart Press publishing company and web development company. In her book, Simple Healing Tools on the Path to Personal Empowerment and Inner Peace (Open Heart Press, May 2009) she offers stories and tools she has used to attain her goals. Visit the website for more information.

In 1996 she first produced her Lighten Up audio tape (currently available as a CD) and began traveling around the United States and Canada teaching her Lighten Up workshop. In 1997 she initiated the World Peace Experiment with husband Victor Grey and in 1998 they published their Free Yourself from Fear booklet and audio tape (currently available as a CD). From 2000-2004 Carol served as the Executive Director of Women of Vision and Action, a 501c3 organization, through which she initiated the Athena Wisdom Exchange Mentoring Program (AWE), the Feminine Face of Leadership Conference, and the international Gather the Women movement.

With her husband she co-founded Open Heart Press publishing company in 1995, web design company in 2000, Collage Keepsakes Design Company in 2002, and 2idi Corporation in 2004 (which was transferred to in 2009).

Also in 2004 Carol agreed to serve on a core team of women to promote a 5th Women's World Conference and developed a website for that purpose ( In 2009 she developed a sister site to further the goals (

Additionally, Carol serves as an Advisor to several organizations including RedWeb Foundation, Valentine Peace Project, Circle Connections, and We, The World.

For more information, please visit

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  1. That is a good inspiration. I’m in the latter stage in the twelv ways. Almost half way. Thankyou for that push.

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