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Honoring Those Who Have Fallen

Today we celebrate Memorial Day in the United States. When we hear "Memorial Day", most Americans think of it as the beginning of the summer, a day filled with picnics, parties, warm weather and fun times. Yet when we look back to the origins on this holiday, the way we celebrate it is quite different from the original intent. According to, Memorial Day, which falls on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while serving in the American military. First observed in 1868 as Decoration Day, it was designated for the purpose of strewing…

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12 Ways to Make This YOUR Year

1. Be Yourself Each of us has come into this world with a set of unique gifts: talents, interests, and abilities. It is only when we tap into those gifts and share them with the world that we truly become empowered. Give the world your greatest gift -- Be Yourself! 2. Trust Yourself We each have an inner voice that is there to give us guidance. All we need do is ask and we will be shown our next empowering step. Listen to your inner guidance and learn to trust yourself. 3. Believe in Yourself When we have doubts about…

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Flying on Veteran’s Day

My husband's eighty-nine-year-old father passed away at the end of October. His memorial service was held in Corpus Christi on November 10, 2012. We flew there for the service. My husband is a pastor, and he conducted a memorable celebration that honored his father’s life. I’m new to his family, and it was a privilege to watch his siblings and his offspring interacting. It had also been a privilege to know his dad very briefly. We flew home the following Monday, and the head of our flight crew was an exceptional woman named Mary Hannold. A former teacher, she is…

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Birthdays and Bone Density – How One Should Remind Us of the Other

By Michele Howe. Making the most of every birthday (every day)...aging strong (and healthy.) I love own and everyone else's! Call it a hangover from childhood memories and those early traditions...but birthdays are the single one day of the whole year when it's just fun to pick what you where you want to go (sitting on a warm beach) and what you want to do (sitting on a warm beach with a great book and playing my favorite music) and what you want to eat (sitting on a warm beach with a great book and playing my favorite music…

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Celebrate What Is + Expectation of What Will Be= An Amazing Life

I believe in the possibility that comes from celebrating what is. I also believe that when we add expectation to the equation, magic happens and incredible things happen in our life. Each morning we wake with a choice. We can choose to focus on everything that isn't going right and stress over how to make things better, or we can focus on what is already right in this very moment and grow what's possible from there. When we focus on what's not right, we often feel guilty, stupid and less than who we really are. It's easy to beat ourselves…

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Celebrate Life by Living it to the Fullest!

Today would have been Randy Pausch's 48th birthday. We were fortunate enough to have Randy Pausch as one of our Inspirational Luminaries on  Randy, known for his "Last Lecture", passed away in July from cancer. I know how special birthdays are, for I just celebrated my 50th three days ago, surrounded by family and friends. On my birthday, one of my good friends, who is only in her early 40's, had surgery for cancer. All three of these things are reminders for me of just how short life really is. I think we all live our lives just assuming…

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