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We are all searching for something that will answer those two questions that lurk within in our thoughts, especially when we are flummoxed by life.

Why are we here? What purpose do we serve?

In my view, there is a perpetual, yet virtual lock on the true answer, yet we hold the key to unlock the question. We may have trouble arriving at the answers and, despite our best efforts, we never get the answer we seek.

Despite our struggle, we must persevere. Each of us fulfills a divine purpose that was etched out fully by our creator, long before we came into existence. Each us individually exists in a reality that exists in the reality of someone else and their reality exists within someone else’s reality just as well, and so on.

There is a virtual string that runs through me to you and through you to someone else and that string continue to run through all humanity connecting us together in a great tapestry that came from the ingenuity of one ultimate Supreme Being – God.

It is too much for our limited brain to contemplate the reasoning behind all of that and we accept that we are limited and we only exist because we were created by God, not only for him but for each other. That is how I define faith. Faith, as I see it, is put into practice by how we reconcile our activities through right and wrong actions with our own stubborn freewill to do what we want to do.

This life is not an easy existence, because we collide with other humans beings who are also trying to figure out their purpose and its meanings. How do we find strength to carry on when we cannot handle conflict or get our needs met because something or someone is blocking us?

How do we resolve this? Do we act out with poor choices or bad behavior? Do we throw up our hands and give up? Or, do we plow ahead and navigate around the issue to arrive at solution through conflict resolution, compromise and acceptance?

If we use conflict resolution, compromise, and acceptance, we are acting within acceptable boundaries to solve our issues.

There are times when we need help with these matters in our life — because we are human, because the world is ever-changing, and because conflict is a constant revolving narrative in the story of our life. When you are up against the difficulties of life and are having struggles that perplex you, seek out a source of inspiration or up-lifting words to help.

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Michael Walker has written stories of faith and inspiration since the age of 7, stories that have always been moral, spiritual, or grounded in wisdom from a higher power.

Although Michael has struggled with depression, self annihilation, and self induced stressors all his life, he has always sought to be a friend and a helper. As he has found better ways to help himself through writing, he strives to do the same for others.

"Maybe the inspiration with which I weave my words may help someone out in the world to find the means to help themselves; and maybe, the person they help or the next person after, may help save the world!"

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  1. Thank you for writing this Inspire Me Today article, for that is exactly what you did for me today – Inspired ME.

  2. You advised, find your “source of inspiration or up-lifting words to help.” I did, on this article. Good job Michael. Amen

  3. “Each us individually exists in a reality that exists in the reality of someone else and their reality exists within someone else’s reality just as well, and so on.”

    I love this quote! This is a great reminder that everything we do, for better or worse, ultimately has an impact on those around us, and vice versa. By looking to others for help and support we can simultaneously look to ourselves; turning inward to find the “answer” we are looking for.

    Wonderful post 🙂

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