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Michael Walker has written stories of faith and inspiration since the age of 7, stories that have always been moral, spiritual, or grounded in wisdom from a higher power.

Although Michael has struggled with depression, self annihilation, and self induced stressors all his life, he has always sought to be a friend and a helper. As he has found better ways to help himself through writing, he strives to do the same for others.

"Maybe the inspiration with which I weave my words may help someone out in the world to find the means to help themselves; and maybe, the person they help or the next person after, may help save the world!"

Why Are We Here?

We are all searching for something that will answer those two questions that lurk within in our thoughts, especially when we are flummoxed by life. Why are we here? What purpose do we serve? In my view, there is a perpetual, yet virtual lock on the true answer, yet we hold the key to unlock the question. We may have trouble arriving at the answers and, despite our best efforts, we never get the answer we seek. Despite our struggle, we must persevere. Each of us fulfills a divine purpose that was etched out fully by our creator, long before…

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