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Australian motivational speaker Grahak Cunningham is an ordinary Australian who dared to dream. Challenging himself to go beyond what he thought was possible, he knows we can accomplish anything and stay happy and positive even in the most trying of times.

He is a four-time finisher of the world's longest certified foot race and ultra marathon: the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race.

Founded in 1997 the 3100 Mile Race is held every year on a concrete footpath around an 883 metre block in Queens, New York.

Runners are given 18 hours a day, from 6:00 a.m. to midnight, for 51 days, to run a minimum of 60 miles a day (96km) to complete the distance. This involves circumnavigating the block 5649 times.

Over the duration of the race, runners wear out fifteen pairs of shoes, and their feet swell an extra two sizes. In a typical New York summer, temperatures can reach 40 degrees centigrade with 85% humidity. Competitors must contend with boredom, fatigue, torrential deluges, extreme pain, injuries and sleep deprivation—but most of all, they have to deal with themselves. Outwardly for their efforts they will receive a plastic trophy and a t-shirt but they make a lifetime of progress.

He works as a conference keynote speaker from his base of Perth and enjoys traveling (by plane not foot.)

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Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Heart

Sometimes we think about things too much. We need to be more in the heart. The mind is a part of our existence that causes real problems when we are attempting something. Everybody on earth has experienced the stream of endless and meaningless thoughts that crop up in the mind. Think back to a time when you have been lying in bed unable to sleep. Never-ending banter and thoughts make you agitated and restless. As a result you toss and turn and cannot rest. The mind will do this 24/7 unless you learn to invoke silence, to access a deeper…

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How to Go About Challenging Yourself

A challenge isn't easy, it isn't meant to be. That is why terms like 'get outside your comfort zone’ and ‘break out of the box we put ourselves in' are bandied about a lot. We know how good we feel when we reach a goal and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. Often the more difficult the challenge or even the more attempts we have made at it, the greater the sense of achievement during, and afterwards, especially when we have tried our best. Challenging yourself can be extremely motivational. Below are some tips to help you challenge…

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Providing Motivation for Staff and Colleagues

By Grahak Cunningham. Whether you are a manager, business owner or employee, everyone wants to have a good day at work. This article aims to look at some ways to motivate yourself and/or your staff and how to avoid the opposite. What prevents us from having a great day Most of us have a position of employment which involves being repetitive on some scale. Regular work place, regular work hours and regular repetition of the same tasks. Without the right mindset, it is a simple recipe for losing satisfaction, motivation and fulfillment in a workplace, either yourself or your staff.…

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No Pain, No Gain: Is This Quote Motivational or Problematic?

By Grahak Cunningham. "No pain, no gain" has been yelled at us by personal trainers, business motivational speakers and keynote speakers. Explained to us by life coaches, business trainers and wellness practitioners. Sold to us by investment bankers and probably chanted by tomorrow's future champions. In business it means investing now for rewards later. Putting time, effort or finances into something to get the future results. On a personal level at work it might mean working harder (though not necessarily smarter). You’ll have longer hours, no weekends and plenty of stress and no doubt achieve good results, earn your bonus…

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Relaxation and Wellness Through Exercise

We have all come home from a run or the gym and felt the wellness benefits, both physical and mental. Sweating out the problems of the day, we can feel pleased with ourselves and leave the worries and stresses of everyday life behind. Something about it invokes a clarity in our mind and hearts. So what is the connection between exercise, relaxing ourselves and general wellness and how can we enhance this? Firstly let us look at situations where things just aren’t happening. Losing Motivation Mental stress causes real problems when we are attempting something. I see it all the…

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