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Greg is a mobile marketing strategist that has helped brands such as The New York Jets and AT&T create mobile marketing promotions and since has helped tons of small businesses better understand mobile and how it can grow their business. He manages and The Mobile Mixed Podcast teaching businesses how to go mobile. He also currently leads the mobile strategy for Cabelas.

Greg lives in Denver, CO.

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Your Happiness IS a Choice

When you realize that happiness is a choice, a lot of things change. They get easier. It's easier to have fun, relax and move forward in your life with the things that matter. Realizing that happiness is a choice didn't come easy though. I believe that having a strong sense of self-awareness really allows you to see how achievable happiness is and what happiness actually means. When I could really understand myself and my goals and really not let other people's perception of me or my goals bother me...being happy got a lot easier. For a while I was too…

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