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When you realize that happiness is a choice, a lot of things change. They get easier. It’s easier to have fun, relax and move forward in your life with the things that matter.

Realizing that happiness is a choice didn’t come easy though. I believe that having a strong sense of self-awareness really allows you to see how achievable happiness is and what happiness actually means.

When I could really understand myself and my goals and really not let other people’s perception of me or my goals bother me…being happy got a lot easier.

For a while I was too busy comparing myself to others and what those people had in life. I got hung up on what other people thought of me and let it dictate my actions.

It’s easy to let that get out of control and lose all sense of yourself and what YOU actually want. It gets masked by what you think you want, because you’re just comparing yourself to others.

I will tell you that the second you can release yourself from your constant self judgement and measuring what you have against the next person….you’ll see things in a new light.

You’ll approach life differently with a new sense of joy and fulfillment.

I challenge you to make a list of all the things that make you happy now and all the things that you think would make you happier. Then make sure the things that will make you happier were not subconsciously added based on someone else’s desires.

We’re unfortunately our own worst enemies. When we can acknowledge that we’re the only one standing in our way we’re able to push through and progress.

I once let a relationship that went south own me and I found myself in a dark period of my life where I realized that I had not been putting myself first. It was rough to get out of it, to be honest.

The truth is nobody can provide the value to others as they’d like until they put themselves first. I’m glad I realized this before creating a family, as how can I expect to take care of a family if I can’t take care of myself?

You can’t be the best “you” that you can be until you take the step of putting yourself first. For me that came by investing in myself, having dedicated “me” time, and participating in activies that made me feel better and happier.

That was riding my mountain bike and being outside away from all the technology and commiting to working out 3 times a week for 30 days.

That 30 day commitment put me in such a rhythm that it’s maintained for the last year and half.

I now try to give myself different 30 day challenges to try new things such as meditating for 5 mins before I start every day, holding handstands as long as I can before jumping in the shower and walking my dog right before I go to sleep.

Those activities give me time to think and reflect on the day to see where I can improve.

Cheers to your personal growth.

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Greg is a mobile marketing strategist that has helped brands such as The New York Jets and AT&T create mobile marketing promotions and since has helped tons of small businesses better understand mobile and how it can grow their business. He manages and The Mobile Mixed Podcast teaching businesses how to go mobile. He also currently leads the mobile strategy for Cabelas.

Greg lives in Denver, CO.

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