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Although completely blind at 31 and touched by unthinkable tragedy, Janet Perez Eckles has become a best-selling author, international speaker, writer, columnist, radio host, personal success coach, master interpreter and Christian ministry leader.

Janet’s skills as a personal success coach have helped thousands soar to personal triumph. A free 30-minute coaching session with her is just a click away:

15 Reminders for Facing Adversity

Two things can happen when your world turns upside down with tragedy, such as blindness or the murder of your child. Either your life becomes a mess or you reach deep within. Choose the latter and, through the power of God at work, you become the messenger of the greatness that is yours to share. And while sharing, there's a secret to live the abundance of life, to relish in the richness of each day and to delight in success and triumph. And that triumph isn't in a book or hidden in mysteries untold, or even in philosophies to ponder…

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Today’s Brilliance from Janet Perez Eckles

I had dreams, expectations and plans. But all ended when a black curtain covered my world. At 31 years old, a retinal disease brought complete blindness. And hope for happiness faded into the fog of fear. I looked through the window of life and glanced at the only thing left: the ability to make choices. And how sweet. The freedom to make choices was the gift wrapped in promises for a new tomorrow. For the good choices brought a colorful glimmer into my darkness. And in that physical darkness, I chose to see the best of life. I discovered these…

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