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Jeanette DePatie (A.K.A. The Fat Chick) is a plus-sized, certified fitness instructor and personal trainer author, producer and professional speaker who has helped thousands of people who haven’t worked out in a while (or ever) learn to love their bodies and love exercise again. She is author of the best-selling book and DVD, The Fat Chick Works Out! and creator of She is also co-creator of the forum at with Ragen Chastain and at with Dr. Eve Agee.

Ms. DePatie has held fitness certifications from the YMCA, ACE and AFAA. Jeanette serves as a role model and an inspiration for beginning exercisers of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities. Ms. DePatie has served as a spokeswoman for The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and The Association for Size Diversity and Health where she commonly speaks on the topic of Health at Every Size®. She has been interviewed many times on television, radio and in print by Katie Couric, NPR, Dr. Drew, Hallmark’s Home and Family, Al Jazeera America, CTV (Canada), Huffington Post Live, Women’s Health, Scholastic Magazine, The New York Times, and The Wall St. Journal.

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Live Your Life as if Your Body Were Perfect

Over the years, I have both loathed and loved my body. I have found that loving my body is much, much better. So I made a decision to love my body, not in spite of imagined flaws or ways that it deviates from the media ideal of what a body should look like, but rather because it is mine and it is perfect. I spent decades putting my life on hold—waiting to achieve an acceptably, socially, skinny body. I didn’t lose any weight (at least not permanently). All I lost was a few decades. So one day I made a…

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