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Jeannine Wiest is a healer, craniosacral therapist, self help author and holistic coach.  She has clients ranging from corporate escapees to Oscar winners and from billionaires to chronically ill children in Bali.


Her new book The Alchemy of Self Healing; A Revolutionary 30 Day Guide to Change How You Relate to Your Body and Health, from New Page Books, has been selected as a Spirited Woman Top 12 Fall Book Pick list choice.
Jeannine’s book details her Cranial Alchemy 4 part system to transform the energy trapped in your body so you can reconnect with your creative power of abundance. The Alchemy of Self Healing is available wherever books are sold. Jeannine lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Listen To The Rhythm Within

Listen above all else. Listen intricately. Not merely to words but to cadence, to verbal rests—the space between words- to the music of communication. Listen with all your senses. This widens your perceptual lens so you can transform what you might now deem ordinary, into the extraordinary. Listen to the instant messages from your body. Listen physically. Start a friendly, internal dialog with your body. Drop down deeply into your sensory body. Thank it for all the stories it has seen you through. Noticing is healing. Creative noticing is alchemical for a body. Treat it as the magical vessel that…

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