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Listen above all else.

Listen intricately. Not merely to words but to cadence, to verbal rests—the space between words- to the music of communication.

Listen with all your senses. This widens your perceptual lens so you can transform what you might now deem ordinary, into the extraordinary.

Listen to the instant messages from your body.

Listen physically. Start a friendly, internal dialog with your body. Drop down deeply into your sensory body. Thank it for all the stories it has seen you through. Noticing is healing. Creative noticing is alchemical for a body. Treat it as the magical vessel that it is.

Listen metaphysically. Integrate. Avoid living life only from the neck up. Seek out your body wisdom. Actively uncover your Energy Signature—your unseen but very real and active imprint out in the world.

Incorporate a two-part daily check-in to remind you of the power of messages from the body.
Begin by getting quiet, follow your breathing for three cycles.
Notice where inside there might be a sensory disconnect.
Place a soft hand there to acknowledge it.
Imagine your hand is a leaf on water.
Listen for what further awareness might bubble up.

Thank the discomfort for bringing itself to your attention. Ask what it needs you to know. Hold the intention of curiosity and inquiry. Listen. Your discomfort may soften, your body may surprise you, especially if you’ve never given thought to creating a dialog with your inner body wisdom.

Then, play with asking, “Where does “joy” live in your body?” Engage the first place that calls to you. Place a soft hand on that spot, this time choosing the intention to viscerally anchor joy.

Listen metaphorically. Invite the imaginative and unseen possibilities into your awareness on a regular basis.

Connect threads of pattern in your life. What pattern pleases you, sustains you? Weave that into your consciousness. Notice where your new patterns fit easily in your body and where there might be discomfort. Honor any fear– don’t discount it.

Treat all your body-mind signals as valuable — metaphorical gold for you to mine the wisdom of, or metaphorical, internal straw just waiting to be spun into gold. On the metaphorical level, inner alchemy is yours to practice and own.

What patterns are old stories trapped energetically inside your bodily tissues, no longer serving you? Are they your ancestor stories, or shame stories? Less-than stories? Victim stories?

Know that you can widen your perceptual lens on all three levels, physical, metaphysical and metaphorical. You can re-purpose those old stories or transform them on a cellular level.

Your body is the ultimate recorder. Listen to the instant messages it sends you, in the present moment, not only when pain gets sharp or unbearable. Choose to connect.

Once you develop the habit of gently engaging your internal world, you’ll be able to trust your gut, rely on your decisions, stop second guessing yourself and live a life of wonder, inclusion and non-judgment of others, but first and foremost, of yourself.

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Jeannine Wiest is a healer, craniosacral therapist, self help author and holistic coach.  She has clients ranging from corporate escapees to Oscar winners and from billionaires to chronically ill children in Bali.


Her new book The Alchemy of Self Healing; A Revolutionary 30 Day Guide to Change How You Relate to Your Body and Health, from New Page Books, has been selected as a Spirited Woman Top 12 Fall Book Pick list choice.
Jeannine’s book details her Cranial Alchemy 4 part system to transform the energy trapped in your body so you can reconnect with your creative power of abundance. The Alchemy of Self Healing is available wherever books are sold. Jeannine lives in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning. How exquisitely beautiful. Thank you Jeannine for opening my heart so that I can hear from all of my body. Just perfect.

  2. Truly inspirational–that notion of climbing down deeper to listen beneath our necks. Off to find the joy in my body, to learn more about the alchemy of self-healing. Thank you, Jeannine, for opening my–what? Ears, eyes, mouth, nose, heart and soul…

  3. So many people are out of touch with their bodies and their heart, this is a beautifully written piece on the importance of mindfulness and reconnection. And there is nothing more important than being able to listen to one’s inner voice. Thank you for sharing this reminder to tune in to what is vital to our well being.

  4. Oh so beautiful and wise! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jeannine for this wonderful clarify of vision. The road to awakening starts with listening. ♡

  5. Jeannine, I just want to thank you for the nourishing message this morning. It couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s exactly what I needed this morning. I appreciate you and the beautiful work that you share with me and lots of others. I’m so lucky to be a part of it. I feel honored and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for the beautiful inspiring article. Your article reminded to connect with myself on a daily basis & how important to get in touch with my inner wisdom.

  7. Wow!
    After reading Jeanine’s message, I meditated following her suggestions. I felt a calm sense of understanding my true inner being and was filled with a warm sense of gratitude. Now I feel inspired to share my inner peace with those I encounter throughout my day.
    Thank you Jeanine, for allowing your insight to flow forward.

  8. That was lovely to read and think that I might be I’m moving closer and closer to the wisdom you articulate.

  9. After reading Jeannine’s wonderful “listen to” I listened to my body and it told me it was craving hot chocolate! Okay, I thought. I’ll make hot chocolate. I sat back and drank–and wouldn’t you know–it was my first relaxing moment during a fairly stressful day. Thank you, Jeannine!

  10. thank you for the brilliantly subtle, therapeutic and connective messaging that we receive and transform physically, metaphysically and metaphorically……………….

  11. thank you, Jeannine for a gentle process that we can all use to drop into our bodies and reconnect… it was just what I needed to hear.

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