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Jenny Light is a yoga teacher, teacher of meditation, spiritual healer, Spiritual Response Therapist, author and coach of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) and artist. Born in Ayrshire 1963, yoga has been a passion since she was nine. A natural healer and inspirational teacher, she has taught many to travel the inner road to self-discovery. Jenny had kundalini awakening as a child and spirituality is the main stay of her life. A growing sensitivity to energy lead to her being diagnosed with CFS in 2010 and leaving primary teaching. Jenny used with quiet rest time to learn a healthier approach via positive thinking, meditation, self healing and a raw food diet to bring herself back to wellness which she catalogues in her autobiographical self-help book 'Living Lightly: a journey through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)'. Jenny believes that CFS (ME)is a wake-up call to live life in a more harmonius way. In her book, she shares many of her self-healing techniques, tips and affirmations to tackle various symptoms, such as, sleeplessness, heart palpatations and sound sensitivity. This book is a guidebook for anyone with an energy sensitivity to others or electromagnetic fields.
Jenny found her ability as a healer was enhanced and that art, poetry and song writing also flowed in a creative spark since recovering from CFS. She teaches 2 asana (yoga) classes a week and several meditation classes in Ayrshire.

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