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As a child, I was struck by how different I felt from everyone. With acute awareness, I felt alien. To be adult is to realise that we have more similarities than differences.

We have the same needs, wants, desires, no matter where we happen to be born on this globe. It is through our heart perspective that we link through a smile: a soul connection.
We have a choice in every moment… to continue to uphold a ‘them’ and ‘us’ approach to life, focusing on our differences, or to speak through our heart connection, in the language of trust. “A stranger is only someone you have not met yet,” that’s what my grandmother used to say.
Learning to see the inhabitants of this world as our brothers and sisters, our friends, our family, is to experience life from a truly adult awareness. Many of our brothers and sisters still have contention with each other, seeking to throw toys at one another with the temper tantrums of children. Be aware that retaliation is the knee-jerk reaction of a child in the playground. It’s the eye-for-an-eye approach which went out with the Ark. As Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
And how blind will we continue to be? In our hearts we are the same. We all Love. We all believe in a better world. That better world starts with us. We are all sharing this collective experience of the human condition: all looking from our eyes on a different corner of the same creation.
I want to impress upon you: no matter how small and insignificant you may feel, your life here is important to the whole of humanity. For you are the hundredth monkey – the most important of all to swing the tide of consciousness, at this important juncture for humanity, from darkness into illumination.

As we grow and glow together, we, all of us, raise the consciousness of those still awakening from long slumber of many lifetimes, so that they too may see at last that we are all One.
Here and now we are all significant. Choose in each moment to make a wise heart choice. Ask yourself before reacting, how would Love respond? How would God act? Extend the open hand of Love? Or the barbed hand of fear? Choose wisely, my awakening friends. Your choice, like ripples on a pond, will extend to us all. The buck stops with us. Here and now, we are all significant. Claiming, at last, that entitlement to be called human.
It’s time for the Tide of Love. Let Love be our guiding force.

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Jenny Light is a yoga teacher, teacher of meditation, spiritual healer, Spiritual Response Therapist, author and coach of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) and artist. Born in Ayrshire 1963, yoga has been a passion since she was nine. A natural healer and inspirational teacher, she has taught many to travel the inner road to self-discovery. Jenny had kundalini awakening as a child and spirituality is the main stay of her life. A growing sensitivity to energy lead to her being diagnosed with CFS in 2010 and leaving primary teaching. Jenny used with quiet rest time to learn a healthier approach via positive thinking, meditation, self healing and a raw food diet to bring herself back to wellness which she catalogues in her autobiographical self-help book 'Living Lightly: a journey through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)'. Jenny believes that CFS (ME)is a wake-up call to live life in a more harmonius way. In her book, she shares many of her self-healing techniques, tips and affirmations to tackle various symptoms, such as, sleeplessness, heart palpatations and sound sensitivity. This book is a guidebook for anyone with an energy sensitivity to others or electromagnetic fields.
Jenny found her ability as a healer was enhanced and that art, poetry and song writing also flowed in a creative spark since recovering from CFS. She teaches 2 asana (yoga) classes a week and several meditation classes in Ayrshire.

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  1. With gratitude to my special job since 10/10/2001 leading me to an Individual Counter Culture venture towards “my” idea of new consciousness solution, this is real nice to read. I strongly agree that everybody should be given the opportunity to be heard. This was very nice.

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