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Jillian Bullock is an author, screenwriter, fitness and wellness expert, life coach, motivational speaker, and award winning filmmaker. As a former competitive martial artist, who holds two black belts; one in Tae Kwon Do and the other in Wing Chun, Jillian currently trains in MMA and boxing. She is the creator of Fighting Spirit Warriors, a fitness for self-defense program for women.

In her film career, Jillian got her start in movies by interning on Spike Lee's Malcolm X after she graduated with a degree in Communications from La Salle University. Jillian went on to work on her own projects and other people's films as a screenwriter, director, producer, and/or actress. Since 2006, Jillian has been a screenwriting judge for Shoot in Philadelphia Screenwriting Contest, which is sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.

Jillian is the author of HERE I STAND, a memoir that tells her struggles to overcome life with the Philadelphia Italian Mafia, rape, homelessness, drugs, and prostitution to fulfill her dream to become a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, a screenwriter and a filmmaker. As a certified professional life and transformation coach, Jillian uses her life lessons to empower and transform the lives of others.

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Sometimes to grow and to truly change your life, you have to make difficult choices. To thrive and become better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually often times is painful. You get so comfortable being uncomfortable that you settle for less when you really are destined for greatness. Don't let past mistakes or failures define who you are because your past doesn't dictate what your future will be. When you make your plan of transformation remember to visualize... see the end goal, the end results of success. Map out your storybook of triumph. Whether you start a business or audition for…

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