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From Welfare to WOW!! Jill Whittamore - the Fearless Thought Goddess of Help With Happiness Coaching - had many successful careers such as Licensed Talent Agent and administrator of a medical office before she found her true calling as an on-purpose Thought Transformation and Holistic Health Coach. Jill helps her clients change lives and helping her clients to design their life to live a limitless life.

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Live Your LIfe With Purpose

I would share my knowledge of doing the right thing and listening to my mind and body all of the time. You see, your body can give you honest feedback - it doesn’t lie to you. If you pay attention to how you feel in any given circumstance, you will know what the right moves are for you and what the wrong moves are. With me, it is my heart and solar plexus that I pay the most attention to because I have spent so much time nurturing my mind/body/soul connection, I know right away if something will be a benefit…

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