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I would share my knowledge of doing the right thing and listening to my mind and body all of the time. You see, your body can give you honest feedback – it doesn’t lie to you.

If you pay attention to how you feel in any given circumstance, you will know what the right moves are for you and what the wrong moves are. With me, it is my heart and solar plexus that I pay the most attention to because I have spent so much time nurturing my mind/body/soul connection, I know right away if something will be a benefit to me and others or a hindrance.

Another piece of advice I would give future generations is to think, not just follow the herd. In order to be you and relish in you and be a benefit to the human race, you must love and understand yourself first before you can approach loving and understanding others. There is no way you can be a true asset to yourself or others if you don’t even know where you blossom and shine the most.

Base your happiness on intangible assets such as love, joy, peace, happiness and ethics, and less on the tangible items such as material things. When it comes down to it, material things do not matter and they are truly not worth anything.

Live a meaningful life. Do what matters to you and is the most benefit to the majority of people. Live your life by your standards and not someone else’s. There is no benefit in living a life for someone else; it keeps you from living your true purpose.

If you want to live loud, then live loud. There is no need to put yourself in a corner and remain unheard if you have something to say that will help others. Understand, not everyone is going to agree with you and for that matter not everyone is going to like you. Your happiness should be based on a life well-lived, not someone else’s version of how you should live your life.

Be grateful for everything that comes and goes in your life. Even when situations are not how you planned or wanted, there are lessons to be learned in everything and the more lessons we learn, the more knowledge we can share with others to make this entire universe a better place to live. Always try to find the good. There always is good in everything; sometimes you are just unable to see it at first glance.

Honor yourself and others. No matter what has occurred in your life, you have a responsibility to yourself to honor and respect yourself. The same holds true for others. We are not here to judge ourselves or others. We are here to love, honor, be happy and make a positive difference. Stay away from the few people that choose to destroy your happiness, love and joy – they don’t know better.

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From Welfare to WOW!! Jill Whittamore - the Fearless Thought Goddess of Help With Happiness Coaching - had many successful careers such as Licensed Talent Agent and administrator of a medical office before she found her true calling as an on-purpose Thought Transformation and Holistic Health Coach. Jill helps her clients change lives and helping her clients to design their life to live a limitless life.

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    1. I believe that one at a time when people are ready they slowly open up to their inner world and begin to acknowledge their intuition and truths. ( Sorry it took so long to reply)

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