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Joan Jacobs is a holistic healer with 25 years experience as clinical healer, educator, speaker and author with expertise in emotional & spiritual healing. Joan teaches at the faculty of health sciences, at the Ben Gurion University, Israel, and has held senior teaching and program coordinating positions at leading schools of complementary medicine in Israel with emphasis on The Bach Flower Method and mind-body healing.

Joan developed and instructed programs for specific sectors such as breast cancer survivors, women's health and empowerment, substance abuse victims, eating disorders victims and prison inmates. She also created unique HR management programs for the corporate arena based on Holistic approaches and has worked with some of Israel's leading companies. In 2010 she created an international healing and personal transformation workshop program called The Light Within and published her first book titled Messages from the Soul - A Holistic Approach To Healing. Joan hosts The Light Within-Awakening The Inner Healer Radio Talk Show on Variety Channel, Mondays, 10AM PT. 

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Recent Releases

Let The Truth Set You Free!

Listen to and act on your truth. Based on the 25 years I've been facilitating people, I can say that one of the most common "diseases" that many people suffer from is the failure to live by their truth. I see too many people that live the life that they were conditioned into living by adhering to standards other than their own. They don't live the life that is suitable for them, one that allows them to express their unique individuality or that is aligned with their individual truth. This entails the price of constant inner conflict and lack of…

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