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Julie Hoyle is a personal growth teacher, spiritual counselor, author and artist. 'Become Your Own Inspiration' is her primary mantra and with this focus she writes for a number of leading Mind-Body-Spirit magazines.

Happily married and a yoga enthusiast, Julie has had quite a rich, nomadic life, including living in ashrams in India and the U.S.A. Julie has also taught in high schools in Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev in the Ukraine. Now the Bahamas is her landing place and the islands her home.

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How to Access Your Intuitive Wisdom

What matters most to me is trusting my intuitive wisdom and having the courage to follow where it leads. For example, a few years ago, I boarded a train heading from London to Nottingham. It was a two hour journey and I recalled having picked up a magazine in a mind-body-spirit bookstore, which I had stuffed into my bag. Taking it out, I began reading an article. Halfway through, I heard a voice saying, “You can do this. You can write articles that inspire people.” The voice was so loud I looked around to see who had spoken, though I…

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