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How to have fun with cancer: 5 basic steps to joy

Immerse yourself in the terror and fear of that horrible "C" word that was just thrown at you. If you're not there yet, just let the doctors tell you about the treatments and statistics and you'll be there in an instant. Trust me. Cry from all the pain, sorrow, and yes - more fear, until you're pretty sure that no store will be able to keep up with your demand for tissues. Be furious over this injustice - after all, you don't deserve this, you're a good person, and you try to live as healthily as possible. Laugh at yourself…

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Two Doors, One Fly, and Much Imagination

Somehow, a fly became trapped between the screen door and the glass sliding door in my home, and I decided I was going to save his life. I managed to slide the screen door open while preventing him from flying into my apartment. All he needed to do now was zip a few inches toward the left from where he currently sat. He would be free and I would feel like a hero. I was so proud of my humanitarian efforts that I imagined him yelling, "Thank you, kind lady!" in fly-talk, of course, as he soared home to live…

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Hello: An Introduction from Julie Okuma

Hi everyone! My name is Julie Okuma and I am proud to be a guest blogger for Gail whom I recently met at a workshop in Calgary. When people meet me in person, they are always surprised that I am dealing with an issue that rains terror on even the strongest. I suppose my bouncing happiness, giggles, and smiles do not fit everyone's ideas of how a person living with cancer should behave. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer back in May - my body's second attempt to play out this story - the first was in 2007.…

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