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Hi everyone! My name is Julie Okuma and I am proud to be a guest blogger for Gail whom I recently met at a workshop in Calgary.

When people meet me in person, they are always surprised that I am dealing with an issue that rains terror on even the strongest. I suppose my bouncing happiness, giggles, and smiles do not fit everyone’s ideas of how a person living with cancer should behave. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer back in May – my body’s second attempt to play out this story – the first was in 2007.

This second time around, I have chosen to dive full-force into alternative methods and have turned down all traditional treatments. I will not advise anyone to follow my choices, for they are mine. Through every choice I make, I learn, evolve, and am taken to the next set of circumstances that help me to learn and evolve further. There isn’t only one way. For someone else, their life lessons and growth may arise out of their chemotherapy experience, for others, through their mastectomy. I don’t believe that we are here to mimic each other. This life that we’ve been gifted with, is ours intimately. It is for us and no one else to decide upon.

My doctor basically told me that my choice was a death sentence. But aren’t we all dying anyway? By choosing the treatments that he believes in, would I be spared this thing called “death” and live forever? Of course not. So I am making choices from my heart and I have never been happier, as life as I see it is exciting and dynamic. I am always investigating the many, many cancer treatments that are out there, and through this process I have met many wonderful people and received a tremendous amount of love. So, if this is me living a death sentence, (although technically, who isn’t?) then I am embracing it, because I am riding the greatest roller-coaster ride of all!

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  1. I smile as her words touched me in a familiar personal way. My words would almost mirror the same story to tell of my life. A beautiful woman inside, and a absolutely gorgeous angelic face! Thank you for sharing…

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