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Karen Brody, M.A, is known as The Love and Intimacy Coach.

As a coach, Karen is considered one of the best in the country. It is her mission and passion to help men rediscover the power and beauty of masculinity and to embrace women deeply and confidently — so that they can enjoy relationships that are passionate, loving and sexually satisfying.

Karen’s own journey of sexual healing gives her exceptional insight and empathy. Karen is a master at illuminating and removing men’s obstacles to deep sexual and loving connection with women.

Her private coaching, classes and products challenge men to meet the feminine with confidence, humor and great pleasure.

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You Are Not What Happens To You

Looking back on my life it's easy to see that all of it was perfect - that is, from here. It certainly didn't feel that way when I was crawling through hell to get to this side of heaven. We all have stories of pain. In fact it seems to be that very pain that points us in the direction of what we're here to do. Look closely at where you hurt because under that pain lives a purpose and a mission. Little did I know that the trauma and loss I experienced as a child and as a young…

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