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Karen Stewart was born in Johnstown, PA. She graduated from Johnstown Vo-Tech High School, she attended Eastfield College located in Dallas, TX She received her BA in Psychology at Argosy University in Dallas, TX. She received her LCDC (License Dependency Drug Counselor) at the State Board of Drug Counseling in Austin, TX.

She began writing short stories at an early age. While attending Eastfield College her professor coaxed her into entering her children's book into the college's annual literary contest. Her children's books won for three consecutive years. She recently finished writing her first novel and the script for her first screenplay. 

Karen writes mostly from her own experiences, focusing on children's books. She uses farm animals characters to convey her message to the children. She enjoys meeting the children who reads her books, while they enjoy meeting her in person. They especially like asking questions about her books. 

She has been featured on Fox 4 News TV in Dallas TX, on WJAC TV in Johnstown, PA, and in Dallas, TX, Mesquite, TX, and Garland, TX, newspapers for her accomplishments. She was the distinguished keynote speaker at the NAACP annual freedom banquet in Johnstown, PA. She was also an honorary recipient at the Black Professional Women's Association for her works. She was honored at the annual Literary contest held at Eastfield College.

She is married to Ronell and has four children and nine grandchildren. 

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