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I look within each person who has given up on themselves. If I had imaginary eyes, I would go within each person finding the darkest part of their lives and I would turn the light on those dark areas of their mind, body and soul.

When it is dark no one can find their way. We stumble and become confused. When you turn the light on, you can find your way. Once the light is on, you will find the beauty within. You will no longer find thoughts like “I’m not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, can’t do nothing right, everyone hates me.”

Life has its way of beating people down, whether through their environment, relationships or loss of employment, just to name a few. Some give up on themselves. They have allowed society to turn their light out. When they don’t know what to do, they shrug their shoulders and turn to other things to satisfy the hurt.

I can see the sadness on their faces. Some may smile to cover the pain, some may use drugs to self-medicate, and some may turn to a life of criminal activities. I don’t assume nor do I judge one’s situation – I just let my light shine in those painful dark areas.

My imagination of light would overshadow all the negatives and replace them with positive thoughts. Just like a light switch, once it is turned on, all the darkness will fade away and you’ll no longer afraid of the dark.

The sadness in some people’s faces leads me to turn the light switch on. When I find someone whose light is dull, or even blown out, I take my light helping them with encouraging words, by listening, or by sharing my experiences. This will help them know that they do have self worth. I always ask those in darkness to list three positive attributes.

This help them to stop thinking that they have no value. Most can easily express the darkness, and all the negatives in the dark places of their lives, yet it’s hard for them to speak about the positive. I would share with them to dig deep within to find their strength. I would tell them to dig deep within. Some may look puzzled, even perplexed and only see the darkness.

But once they see the light, somehow they began to find something positive to say about themselves. All they needed was for someone to listen and give encouraging words. Then, there’s the light.

It’s only then one can see the beauty within.

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Karen Stewart was born in Johnstown, PA. She graduated from Johnstown Vo-Tech High School, she attended Eastfield College located in Dallas, TX She received her BA in Psychology at Argosy University in Dallas, TX. She received her LCDC (License Dependency Drug Counselor) at the State Board of Drug Counseling in Austin, TX.

She began writing short stories at an early age. While attending Eastfield College her professor coaxed her into entering her children's book into the college's annual literary contest. Her children's books won for three consecutive years. She recently finished writing her first novel and the script for her first screenplay. 

Karen writes mostly from her own experiences, focusing on children's books. She uses farm animals characters to convey her message to the children. She enjoys meeting the children who reads her books, while they enjoy meeting her in person. They especially like asking questions about her books. 

She has been featured on Fox 4 News TV in Dallas TX, on WJAC TV in Johnstown, PA, and in Dallas, TX, Mesquite, TX, and Garland, TX, newspapers for her accomplishments. She was the distinguished keynote speaker at the NAACP annual freedom banquet in Johnstown, PA. She was also an honorary recipient at the Black Professional Women's Association for her works. She was honored at the annual Literary contest held at Eastfield College.

She is married to Ronell and has four children and nine grandchildren. 

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  1. Hey my name is Tenisha Bullock and I have a story I have not always been this way.. Life first happened in 2013 I moved to the gulf coast from a little country town named pinola .The first man an last man I met was a relationship for 5 years three children and married the guy..He was abusive mentally and physically , it took a toll and my water broke at 5 months along with giving birth to a dis figured child , doctors called it Adam Olivia disease ..The hardest but breaking point , I fought God instead to lift me my son lived almost a year and passed Dec 6 . Instead of life lighten it closed in more .My mother ran with two of my kids leading me straight to jail every time I got to looking for them..A break through once I was strip of everything my kids was left at my front door…But it for darker afterwards the devil came and the man I married wasn’t that man anymore after the death of our first son he wasn’t the same..I worked two jobs ,walked to work back an forth hard times..DHS came into my life 2017 and my now ex husband had been beaten on my daughter .I left him moved and went to school ..With my faith I keep going but that light dims when life happens til this day I don’t have my kids …it get hard

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