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Kate Irwin has studied personal development and health for over 15 years, she has a degree in Herbal Medicine, is an NLP Master practitioner and certified life coach. However she believes these qualifications are not what enable her to transform the lives of others. It is her own past experience and the experience of helping people, day in day out, to make huge changes.

Kate is a speaker and coach, working predominantly with people who want to make a change in their lives but are frightened of what that change may bring, people who lack the time and confidence to make that change. She helps people understand what is causing the dissatisfaction in their life, how they want to change this and then find the best way to get there. She moves people from stuck and stagnation to success in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. Throughout her years of discovering what does, and what doesn't work, Kate has created a unique three step process based on Creating your future, Clearing your past and Changing your present.

She is passionate and energetic, loves life and wants to transform others, not simply inspire them. Kate writes a blog at and has a weekly newsletter packed full of techniques and tools to enable you to make those changes and develop and unshakeable self belief. 

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Embrace Who YOU Are

There are many things that life has taught me, often in ways I couldn't understand at the time. I was bullied at school, had a complete lack of self confidence and esteem, making me painfully shy and later, severely depressed. I have at times, felt like giving up. But those things were given to me to make me realise I am in charge of my life. When I fought back at the bullies I felt strong and happy, I knew that I could stand up for myself and take charge, that I did matter, and it felt great! Then life…

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