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Youth Expert, Motivational Speaker, CEO, Media Producer, and Youth Mobilizer are just a few of the titles held by 12 time award-winning entrepreneur Kelly Lovell. Sought out by for her unique ability to mobilize leaders, Lovell is on a mission to bridge the gap between youth, community and business.

From mobilizing volunteerism projects to harnessing media for social good and inspiring crowds of youth at events as a speaker, Lovell is a dedicated mentor and role model. She is committed to helping leaders achieve their ambitions, creating a solid platform to develop their leadership and inspire social change.

Her multitude of accolades including Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, His Honourable Governor General of Canada's Caring Canadian, the youngest 2013 Canada’s Most Powerful Women; Top 100, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal recipient and Canada's Top 20 Under 20 further reiterate Lovell's ability to lead lasting impact.

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Greatness Takes Time 

The greatest piece of wisdom I have gained from my experiences to date is that greatness takes time. We have all heard the saying that “patience is a virtue". However, there is deeper wisdom in this statement and relevance to your life journey than you may recognize. Starting out as a keen and motivated young leader, I’ve been known to neglect this virtue. Perhaps driven by my passion and eagerness to create change, I have always tried to bring my ventures to fruition as quickly as I can. If someone was to tell me it would take over a year,…

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