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The greatest piece of wisdom I have gained from my experiences to date is that greatness takes time. We have all heard the saying that “patience is a virtue”. However, there is deeper wisdom in this statement and relevance to your life journey than you may recognize. Starting out as a keen and motivated young leader, I’ve been known to neglect this virtue.

Perhaps driven by my passion and eagerness to create change, I have always tried to bring my ventures to fruition as quickly as I can. If someone was to tell me it would take over a year, let along maybe two or three to bring some of my ideas to light I would have dismissed the notion entirely saying, “That’s forever”!

A common mistake I made, one which I feel many others also get trapped in, is putting a deadline on success. We are conditioned in life to expect certain milestones to be achieved as we age. We create career expectations, relationship goals, and 5-year plans, all pressuring us to succeed within constrained periods of time. While I do believe that planning and have reachable goals is good practice, I feel our understanding and assessment of our personal success shouldn’t be linked.

Sometimes we watch our role models in media spring to their success. It seems as though fame and fortune just happen over night. One day your favorite pop star was normal like you and the next day they are a platinum recording artist with millions of fans. Likewise, the brands and corporate leaders you admire today all sky rocketed to their success. All achieved success seemingly quickly, so if you can’t achieve at the same rate, it must mean you are failing.

This is a great misconception. The reality is the climb to success often doesn’t gain the spotlight as much as the celebration of reaching the top. The truth behind your pop star is that they had likely been training, performing in local venues and working to build a career long before they were discovered. It’s because of all the work behind the scenes they did that when their opportunity came, they were prepared and ready to take full advantage it! As an entrepreneur, the same I have learned applies to business success. You would be surprised of the number of household brands that started off in college dorm rooms or have founding stories with years of grinding the pavement to build a foundation for the success they have today.

There is a reason the Leaning Tower of Pisa tilts and why world wonders like the Great Pyramid still stand. Greatness takes time and patience. You may be in a rut now, or it seems like are not progressing as quickly as you should to achieve your goals. Trust. Hard work and dedication pay off. Understand those succeeding ahead of you are likely rushing or skipping corners and will not be as prepared when they reach the top as you. Learn patience. Patience is a virtue that will serve you well regardless of your journey and stage in life. Greatness is not a race, true greatness is in fact rooted in longevity!

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Youth Expert, Motivational Speaker, CEO, Media Producer, and Youth Mobilizer are just a few of the titles held by 12 time award-winning entrepreneur Kelly Lovell. Sought out by for her unique ability to mobilize leaders, Lovell is on a mission to bridge the gap between youth, community and business.

From mobilizing volunteerism projects to harnessing media for social good and inspiring crowds of youth at events as a speaker, Lovell is a dedicated mentor and role model. She is committed to helping leaders achieve their ambitions, creating a solid platform to develop their leadership and inspire social change.

Her multitude of accolades including Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2014, His Honourable Governor General of Canada's Caring Canadian, the youngest 2013 Canada’s Most Powerful Women; Top 100, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal recipient and Canada's Top 20 Under 20 further reiterate Lovell's ability to lead lasting impact.

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  1. Just love this, Kelly! As an author, and an editor who works with aspiring writers, I know this oh-so well. Writing well takes a very long time to learn, and so often folks want it “today.” They see the “overnight” success, and want that. But as you said, “It’s because of all the work behind the scenes they did that when their opportunity came, they were prepared and ready to take full advantage it!”
    Nice post!

  2. Wonderfully put, Kelly! In working with three nested handicaps that near eliminate destiny, I have spent over a decade now at age 57 trying to self document a means to detect civilization in order to “see” the light, i.e. the optimistic high road of evolution. Having an imagination that is like chi energy passing through a chakra, I now try to vary manifestation and transcendence to more properly be in tune with the presence so that I may be of exemplary consciousness. Why I have this goal is due to Dogmatic alternative being chosen in error without knowledge of the consequences.

  3. Kelly, you really hit the nail on its head — if only many would take heed to this realistic message in order to go forward. Everything comes with some type of price tag, and that is, you must sow a seed first and wait patiently for it to take root and grow.

    1. @ochemerenovation only infinite patience begets immediate results- I love this post! So thoughtful.

      Kelly, your post really resonated with me. Oh how I had to have the patience, and still do, to see so many people pass me by with getting what they want in life, and not be cynical but rather be grateful. I practice gratitude instead, which lets me “want what I get in life.” I know that in due season and with continued patience, I will be “successful” if I continue to work hard and be devoted and dedicated with putting forth my passions.

  4. Thank you. Your message really resonated with me. I am approaching an empty nest and know my purpose is coming to fruition one step at a time…

  5. Thank you Kelly—Patience is a gift I was blessed with, so at 77 I am telling myself, “Just Do It” & life gets easier & better each day. <3

  6. Well Put Kelly. Too often people expect and demand instant results. A business takes time to develop, the business owner needs time develop and customer loyalty is earned over time.! I’m 56 and still learning to release and surrender that which you cannot control and the universe has its own plan and rhythms for me. Let go and ‘just be’ is as good an answer sometimes.

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