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Allenergi was founded by Kersti Gloersen and Lennart Loov in 1997 to encourage their own personal growth as human beings as well as help others to do the same by using the parallel system based on thought and emotion given to them by Spirit and voicing what is given to them. The parallel system is a way of growing in search for ones’ true self. Kersti and Lennart are both heavily steeped in the ancient traditions. They work with their own unique wisdom to support anyone who wishes to broaden their own inner wisdom in a non-judgemental way as they also know how easy it is to get lost in the riddle of life.

Kersti was taught the chakra system by the ancient Egyptian consciousness Ambres through Sture Johansson in Sweden. She is a certified chakra therapist who has integrated her own wisdom with the ancient teachings and guiding people in their everyday life.

Lennart is a practicing chiropractor, specializing in network chiropractics by its founder Donald Epstein, USA.  He has integrated this body work with the ancient teachings and his own wisdom, thus helping people to step into their power and guide them to a broader understanding of who they are. They both maintain a practice where they work with clients separately as well as together.

Kersti and Lennart have recognized one another as parts of a mutual larger picture.  Allenergi represents this profound working relationship. Kersti and Lennart conduct Allenergi meetings in Sweden and throughout Europe to promote a deeper kind of consciousness, leaning on oneself rather than on others, and thriving in the here and now.

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Ways You Can Honor Your Life

We as human beings have the ability to speak, which means to have access to what has been taught and what has been thought. We also have the ability to talk, which means to have access to the wisdom within. To speak and to talk might mean the same thing but are energetically different. The difference between them is to let our lives be dictated by others or being true to our inner selves. The most profound and important thing we can do to honor our life. We all have access to this wisdom and we all have the choice…

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