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We as human beings have the ability to speak, which means to have access to what has been taught and what has been thought. We also have the ability to talk, which means to have access to the wisdom within.

To speak and to talk might mean the same thing but are energetically different. The difference between them is to let our lives be dictated by others or being true to our inner selves.

The most profound and important thing we can do to honor our life. We all have access to this wisdom and we all have the choice to dare to feel or to push the emotions aside, thereby creating a distance to ourselves. No one else but us can make the decision of how to respond to the outer world or to be true to what is going on within us.

We use the words human being and assume that the words speak for themselves. We often do not acknowledge that there are two different parts to a human being.

The human is our way to control the outer world, the way we were taught, the way we think, analyze and question, and how we value ourselves in comparison with the outer world. This is how we give our true power away. The being is the spiritual part giving us access to a greater picture and showing us the way by sending information through our senses. This is the authentic self.

We are all composed of both the human and the being parts. It is up to each of us to find the true meaning of what life is really about for ourselves by daring to explore this inner world, and detect what feels good and what does not. This is our innermost standard of value. It tells us how we truly feel and how to act to walk our own unique road.

When we are in our heads thinking, we succumb to the measurements of the physical world and try to measure up to it. However, when we are true to ourselves the human part starts to support the being part and we feel whole.

There is so much love around us to enjoy when we feel good about ourselves! What happens then when we suddenly drop inside and the love we enjoyed starts to feel offensive and hard to reach? Our worthiness has shifted from a full acceptance of self to a comparison with others or some kind of worry – which makes us less. This is the being part having been pushed aside and the human part taking charge.

And who can change this? We ourselves can – with every breath we take we declare our will to live and the deeper we breathe, the clearer our mind will be and the easier it is to find peace within!

Our self worth moulds our body and creates the signals we send to the world around us in each moment. Our wisdom prolongs our life by keeping the door to our own love open – our empathy builds bridges of welcoming and joy. Every step we take on our own unique path is a new meeting with ourselves, which will open up to even more freedom within and a greater connection with the surrounding world.

That is the wisdom of nature, reflecting outside what is created within.

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Allenergi was founded by Kersti Gloersen and Lennart Loov in 1997 to encourage their own personal growth as human beings as well as help others to do the same by using the parallel system based on thought and emotion given to them by Spirit and voicing what is given to them. The parallel system is a way of growing in search for ones’ true self. Kersti and Lennart are both heavily steeped in the ancient traditions. They work with their own unique wisdom to support anyone who wishes to broaden their own inner wisdom in a non-judgemental way as they also know how easy it is to get lost in the riddle of life.

Kersti was taught the chakra system by the ancient Egyptian consciousness Ambres through Sture Johansson in Sweden. She is a certified chakra therapist who has integrated her own wisdom with the ancient teachings and guiding people in their everyday life.

Lennart is a practicing chiropractor, specializing in network chiropractics by its founder Donald Epstein, USA.  He has integrated this body work with the ancient teachings and his own wisdom, thus helping people to step into their power and guide them to a broader understanding of who they are. They both maintain a practice where they work with clients separately as well as together.

Kersti and Lennart have recognized one another as parts of a mutual larger picture.  Allenergi represents this profound working relationship. Kersti and Lennart conduct Allenergi meetings in Sweden and throughout Europe to promote a deeper kind of consciousness, leaning on oneself rather than on others, and thriving in the here and now.

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  1. […] We are all composed of both the human and the being parts. It is up to each of us to find the true meaning of what life is really about for ourselves by daring to explore this inner world, and detect what feels good and what does not. This is our innermost standard of value. It tells us how we truly feel and how to act to walk our own unique road….Continue reading at […]

    1. I believe you meant that this was exactly what you needed this very moment :)! The words are energetically put together to enhance Spirit to make you ‘see’ how grand you are as a human being! Not only the personality you use to find your way, but also the being you are to promote peace, love and acceptance within in order to find the World we live in as grand as we truly are as a whole! Thanks Anne!

  2. That is a awesome analogies of human being.I love it. I can totally understand the difference between the two words.I like that. It explains why we are like that. I never thought of that way, and now I do. Thank you so much for the clarification for me. I view myself totally different now. And have a better understanding of my life. 😀

    1. Thank you Patrick for sharing your way of ‘seeing’ yourself clearer :)! If we cannot see how grand we are when we stop defending our territories and start making Peace with our wholeness, we are losing Life and entering the survival state. And the only one who can make a difference here is the person himself or herself by chosing to Think or Feel/Survive or Be. Thanks for your words!

    1. You are welcome! When we realize that life is about figuring out who we truly are, we stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for ourselves. Then we also see others for what they are and love and empathy is present. Thanks gs for sharing!

  3. Our challenge as human beings is to gain the ability to separate what has been taught, intentionally and unintentionally, and what has and is being thought.
    At an early age, the indoctrination power of parents and community, have an immense influence over our perceptions and hence thinking. Misinformation, misperception and subsequently clouded and convoluted thinking make a rational cognitive approach to separation a challenge.
    My personal awareness of ‘being’ came during trekking (and later climbing) amongst the highest mountains in the world. A sense of oneness, humility within this grandeur, the perfection and harmony of everything, the miracle of all, including myself, had a profound affect on my awakening (awareness / thinking).
    How to trigger this in everyday life?
    Thanks you for this post, Kersti and Lennart. It got me thinking of the power of separation between being and thinking and the potential of this leading to choice.

  4. With Apologies: I could have edited this sentence: “Misinformation and misperception tend to cloud and convolute our thinking and make a rational cognitive approach to separation, a challenge.”

  5. Thanks Werner for your comments! Separating what has been taught AND thought versus what has been felt makes a huge difference. What has been taught is by definition your perception when felt and not someone else’s to follow. What has been thought is part of the old paradigm, that you need to k n o w in order to be aware – you need to feel to realize your position and then you know. A few words of a huge subject 🙏. How to trigger those profound moments you experienced.. Your source within, your Soul base, is a deep breath away. By breathing deeply into your abdomen, you automatically get out of your head/stop your thinking process and shallow breathing . That’s where all your senses (including your sixth sense of thoughts hitting you, not fabricated ones) are present to inform you who you are in every moment, your authentic Self. Closer than that you will never get. We are human beings learning to be more beings than human 😊, so it takes time to return to the child’s infantile love we are tutored to hold back in our societies. However, every step in the direction of our innerfelt truths makes us more us. And those truths are only felt by breathing deeply…

    Kersti & Lennart

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