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Kim Dushinski is the author of The Mobile Marketing Handbook and President of Mobile Marketing Profits, a marketing firm that helps local businesses use mobile marketing to get more customers. Her company also helps people start their own mobile marketing business.

She is a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing as a Marketing Director at a travel agency, desktop publisher, business marketing consultant, an Internet marketer, and partner in MarketAbility, a book publicity firm.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors she likes to scrapbook, read, hike and hang out with good friends. She lives in Colorado with her husband, daughter, and their two big dogs.

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You Can Have It All!

Life is not an ALL or nothing situation. I've spent a lot of years thinking that it was. Thinking that if I had plenty of time to spend with my family it meant that I couldn't have a successful career. Or that if I had a lot of income coming in that I couldn't or even shouldn't enjoy what I was doing. The either/or scenario seemed to overshadow me. But I've started to notice that the times in my life when I am most happy are when I am in "both" mode. Like when I work efficiently during the day…

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