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Leslie is the founder of, author of Feel Good! A Return to Happiness, and is currently coaching clients through workshops and private sessions. She speaks locally to small groups regarding Happiness. She is a California credentialed teacher and also reaches out to pre-teen groups focusing on self-esteem and adult groups facilitating self-expression and creativity through art. Leslie is a graduate from UCLA in psychology.

Leslie is a local artist painting for public display and private consignment for the past twenty years. She resides in Carlsbad, California with her husband Bill and their five children and golden retriever. Leslie is finishing up her Masters in Holistic Health and incorporates Mind, Body and Spirit into her Happiness curriculum.

Leslie’s interests are: writing, reading, puzzles, tea, laughing, exercising, painting, flowers, family, friends, travel, the family dog, Cali, and helping people BE HAPPY!

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As Simple As ‘Be Happy!’

BE HAPPY! (Easier said than done right?!) When we are truly happy in the moment of life, we feel full, complete, whole and satisfied. Time stands still. Clarity is in our hearts. We LOVE life, others and ourselves. We feel good and authentic inside. And when we feel good, we do "good" in this world. We share our overflowing happiness with others, which then recycles right back to us. Our happiness is a gift to the world. So if it is that simple - BE HAPPY - why do we make it so elusive, difficult and complex to achieve? Because…

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