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Lisa Baker-King is a nationally recognized and televised author, marketing and small business expert who is creating a movement to connect families, celebrate children and change companies through her rule breaking agency, Your Ghost Marketers. With an aim of 100% say-to-do ratio, we expertly match your small biz needs to our experts - based on skill and personality. Some call us the "Small Biz Matchmakers."

Lisa Baker-King
Small Business Expert
Your Ghost Marketer

"Your Clients Might Not See Us - But You Will"

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Trust In Your Dreams

Trust in your dreams, for in them you will find what is real. Reality is not the day to day. It is not the ever-ending grocery list. It is not fretting about the layer of dust on the nightstand. It is not the balance of the checkbook. It is not dreading Mondays or celebrating Fridays. Look beyond what you see. Reality is the dream of love everlasting and unconditionally. The love of a parent, a child, a special person and the love of yourself; this is real. Dreams of celebrating life by using your talents to improve the lives of…

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