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Trust in your dreams, for in them you will find what is real. Reality is not the day to day. It is not the ever-ending grocery list. It is not fretting about the layer of dust on the nightstand. It is not the balance of the checkbook. It is not dreading Mondays or celebrating Fridays. Look beyond what you see. Reality is the dream of love everlasting and unconditionally. The love of a parent, a child, a special person and the love of yourself; this is real. Dreams of celebrating life by using your talents to improve the lives of others, that is real. Dreams of lifting up others, that is real.

True sight comes from seeing in the dark. Don’t hide in the dark crying, come out of the bathroom and get a hug. Don’t pretend to be tough, cool, or unaffected. Know that you are not alone in your struggles, your mistakes, and your misadventures. They are part of you and your journey. We want to know you, the real you. You are a gift, all the parts of you.

Your voice is important. Once found, it is a unique note to be shared. The tenor and cadence of your voice; no one else has or ever will have that. The world would not be such a magical and beautiful place without that uniqueness. Please share it with us and unite your voice with others, creating a symphony that we all can be moved by.

Seek vision. Seek to understand so that you may help others see. The understanding is not as important as the seeking, the journey, the questioning. We can never really fully understand others, not fully. But, we can seek to understand. It is the seeking that allows us to remain open to the gifts of others.

Uncover gifts in others. Wake up everyday, committed to uncovering gifts in others. Some are easy to find and uncover but the best gifts, are deep down, in the soul of a person. THESE are made of pure joy and glory. These are the gifts that revolutionize. These are the gifts that will impact you the most.

Others do not define success; you define it. Society, the boardroom, the runway, even well meaning friends and family, do not define success. Only you can do that. Realize that and set yourself free from comparing yourself to others. Realize that, and you are already successful.

Seek to become aware of something not previously known. Each day, uncover something new. The color of a friend’s eyes or a new word; explore a new park or a new neighborhood; taste a new food and meet a new person.

Break the Rules. Find ways to take off self-imposed limits. It could be as simple as remembering to be a child and blow bubbles in your milk or as rebellious as not writing out the grocery list and just ‘going for it’. It could be allowing someone to hug you or remembering to hug them.

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Lisa Baker-King is a nationally recognized and televised author, marketing and small business expert who is creating a movement to connect families, celebrate children and change companies through her rule breaking agency, Your Ghost Marketers. With an aim of 100% say-to-do ratio, we expertly match your small biz needs to our experts - based on skill and personality. Some call us the "Small Biz Matchmakers."

Lisa Baker-King
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  1. Lisa-Baker King has stated this beautifully….Open our eyes and see the beauty around us. Life passes us by in a blink, so try something new, use your imagination, and remember to hug your children every day!

  2. I was with you every line to the end, which made me laugh out loud! I loved blowing bubbles in my milk, especially when I was drinking it through my favorite kind of straw (a piece of Brach’s licorice with the ends bitten off). It makes the milk so much more delicious and sweet! And then the licorice piece is so much better when you eat it at the end….. Wise words, Lisa. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Lisa, Loved this: “Don’t hide in the dark crying, come out of the bathroom and get a hug.” On a huge voyage of coming out of the dark (see my most recent post if you want to know what I mean – I’d love you to visit!) and your post resonated so beautifully with me that I had to comment and give a gig BRAVO for such an uplifting message! xox, Reba

  4. I really like that concept that if you realized that YOU define your success, you’re already successful. It’s so tempting to want to grasp at something to find worth, instead of looking inward and just claiming it. Well said, Lisa!

  5. Thank you for sharing your voice! You have found a unique way to reach the chords of our hearts and play a tune that brings us back to a time where all dreams are possible. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of the journey and to base our reality on what is really important, finding the best in ourselves and others.

  6. I want my daughters to read this and know how great life can be and not get upset about things you can not control! Shout it loud Lisa!

  7. WOW! Well said! I have made it my quest to do just that…bringing out the beauty in each soul I meet! I have started doing this in my home since last July, and it is amazing the results which I have witnessed with my own eyes! It is phenomenal! Thank you your lovely and inspiring post.

    1. Awwww! What a great comment to wake up to this morning! I truly believe that when we do exactly what you are doing, love multiplies and people are catapulted to live their authentic lives. Thank YOU for the light you are bringing to your home and to all of us. God bless!

  8. You are such an inspiration. What incredible insight, wisdom, and a connection to the core of human beings. So privileged to know you!

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