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The mystery of life is not random or capricious, and our understanding can grow and grow. Nonetheless, it is an unending mystery, and there is always more to know.

Even enlightened beings are still learning, still following their path. No doubt they follow a very elevated path, but a path it still is.

What does this mean, in terms of our daily life?

It means ALLOW the mystery.

Yes, keep on knowing, planning and doing, yet also remember that there is meaning in the cracks in between all the knowing, planning and doing.

It means get comfortable with not-knowing, with those moments where not everything goes according to plan. There may be an even bigger plan at work, a design you are not yet privy to.

Sometimes it takes years to discover the true design. My life has been like that, a series of ‘aha moments’ after the fact. “Ahh, I get it now! I thought I was on the way to point A, but I really was headed to point Z. And point Z feels so right, yet I never would have known to aim for it, for only by heading for point A did I find my way here, to point Z.”

It means self-love. Once we accept that we don’t know – we can’t know – everything, and we can’t be fully in control, we begin to accept our truth and our vulnerability.

And the light between the cracks begins to shine into our lives.

Things that once made us uncomfortable, that we tried mightily to reject, suppress, and deny – all those things now become OK. We have things we wish we did differently, things we wish were different – all this is now OK. It is part of our humanity, and it is beautiful.

We are in transition, on a journey, always, and this leg of the journey isn’t done until it is over. This means we are always a tiny bit lost; we never know exactly what the next step will bring. Yet we can learn to dance in the shimmering light in between our steps, and love the adventure between the ‘sign-posts.’

As clear as our vision may be, we operate on faith, always.

This brings us full circle, back to the mystery, to the life in between the cracks of all our doing, planning, and knowing. The mystery pulsates with meaning and light. It is knowable, but there is always more to know.

The more we welcome the mystery into our lives, the more we partner with it, the easier it becomes to find the balance between doing, planning and knowing, and being more fully in the present moment, at home with our not-knowing.

We become students, not masters, alert to what we do not yet fully comprehend. And the openness of the student is what is truly masterful.

We do not know exactly what the future will bring. Yet, if we hold hands with the unknowable, we will never be alone, even as we step into the unknown.

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Reba Linker is a bestselling author, life coach, host of the Youtube interview show Paint Yourself Into the Picture and founder of AtoZ Healing Space, which celebrates the idea that many different modalities can lead to a greater awareness of the nature of the self and our partnership with Spirit. Learn more with a sampling of healing gifts from a few of our featured healers:

All Reba’s work embraces the idea that healing is always imminently possible, and change can happen easily and quickly. Reba’s books include The Little Book of Manifesting Big and Imagine Self-Love. She studied with a spiritual teacher for many years, certified in TIME Heals, Universal Sphere and ZPoint Therapy, and owned and operated a popular NYC dance studio. She brings all this, plus her own healing journey from trauma to joy, to her work with clients and to her online communities. Learn more at

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    1. Yes, dear Linda! The mystery and discovery is the wonder of it – and you are so talented at bringing the unknown into your work through art and play! xox, Reba

    1. So true, Bonnie, you are sooo in the flow! I never thought that I was going here, but now that I’ve arrived I see it is the best place I could possibly be – loving the journey! xox, Reba

    1. Yes, Suzie, I see and feel that this is happening more and more for so many of us. The trick is learning to welcome the unknown. It seems to be a different kind of training for many of us! xox, Reba

    1. Dear Linda, Yes, that is THE discovery, I think – the process, not the destination. It is a delicate balance, and one you know well, I believe. Thanks so much for the comment! xox, Reba

  1. Wonderful article Reba! There is so much to be said for finding the courage to embrace uncertainty. It opens so many doors and helps to foster a sense of curiosity rather than fear, and in the process allows us to experience greater inner peace.

    1. Yes, I think if we embrace this idea it creates a whole new approach to life, and yes, it takes courage, great courage. Thanks so much for your comment! xox, Reba

  2. loved remembering this today and I shared it with my facebook friends. I will live in the not knowing today and embrace it, thanks to you!

    1. Dear Glo, Thanks so much for the shares. I am so glad this resonated with you today. That makes me incredibly happy. So grateful to you, xox, Reba

  3. Beautiful. A timely reminder to accept the validity of ‘not-knowing’ with self-compassion. Thank you.

    1. Yes, Regina, you see right into the core message of self-love and self-compassion. Thanks so much for the comment! xox, Reba

  4. Reba,
    As always I am moved by your observations about life.

    Thank you for this inspirational piece…
    It really meant a lot to me. I have been learning my way through the beginning of not working (don’t like the term retirement!). Lately, with the help of your insight, I now can look back on the last year and see how the first 6 months, as difficult as they were, were
    leading me to an authentic place.

    Thank you,
    Debbie Goldstein

    1. Dear Debbie, I so LOVE your comment. I feel so grateful that my post cast a glow on your experience. You are doing amazingly wonderfully well at creating a new life by allowing what is needed for something new to take shape. xox, Reba

  5. Beautiful thought, beautifully expressed. Thank you Reba! The light comes in when we let go and allow the process to run its course.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Rachel! I love how you encapsulate the idea in a single sentence. xox, Reba

  6. Love it. Life is a mystery, full of wonder and unknown! Blessings abound, abundance flows, our lives get richer everyday.

    1. Amen, amen to that Bob! I am so grateful for your positive affirmation of what I said in my post. “Blessings abound, abundance flows, our lives get richer everyday.” xox, Reba

  7. Reba, very insightful. I’ve found life to be a journey of unexpected twists and turns that I could not predicted but have been amazing. I trust the universe as I take leaps of faith into the unknown. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. ♡

    1. Thanks, Ayesha! In the immortal words of John Lennon, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,” isn’t it? Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! xox, Reba

  8. Dear Reba,

    This speaks to me in so many ways. Having lost my husband 5 months ago, as well as my roll as care-taker, I have felt lost on several different levels. The hardest part is when people ask me, “So what are you going to do next?” Another expectation. Yes, people will say, “Don’t do anything major for at least a year” and in the next breath want to know what my next steps are. This article supports me in taking action and being still all at the same time. Love it! Judy

    1. Bless you, Judy, for sharing so openly and honestly. What you are going through is full of unknowns and challenges, and you are surfing that crazy wave as beautifully as you do everything else in life! So glad the article can support you in doing whatever it is you need at the moment. xox, Reba

    1. Dear Jerri, You and me both! Sometimes the wisdom just flows out of me, and this was one of those moments. Still, I’m so very much on the path of trying to release limiting beliefs and finding more balance in my life as well. I hope we can continue to support each other in our journeys! xox, Reba

  9. Reba, what a powerful point — and beautifully worded! I love your central message to “allow the mystery” — having faith that it is all happening according to some plan…even if you don’t currently see, know, or understand that plan! I’ll remember these words the next time I scratch my head in wonder! 🙂

    1. Dear Dan, Thank you so much for this wonderful comment! Yes, I believe there is meaning, and perhaps even a ‘plan’ as you say, but there is also free choice, and what we can do is choose how we relate to our lives, and how we relate to the mystery, whether we choose to smile or frown upon it. But you know all this, I am sure. I am so touched that you visited and commented. So grateful, xox, Reba

  10. Enjoyed this very much Reba.
    Our best life most certainly is one in which we both allow and enjoy each and every step of the journey.

  11. Dear Lynn, That really says it all, doesn’t it? “Allow and enjoy each and every step of the journey.” That is a life practice, put into one beautiful sentence. Thank you so much, Lynn! xox, Reba

  12. Some days it’s easier to allow the mystery than others, but it’s certainly clear that the days I am able to do so are the days with less anxiety. ^^

    1. So true, Keyra. We try so hard to do something that we cannot possibly do – control everything! – so naturally that affects how we feel. You bring out such a great point, Keyra, thank you so much! xox, Reba

  13. Ah! I so love this, Reba. The mystery, the unknown, that’s where our true lives can be lived. We so want to know what’s in front of us, no? But you hit the path with : “we operate on faith, always. This brings us full circle, back to the mystery, to the life in between the cracks of all our doing, planning, and knowing.”
    In the numinosity of the mystery, we find our real selves.
    Thank you!

  14. Dear Susan, Thank you. I am so glad this post speaks to you so strongly. It is something I both know and am learning: every person who responds to this is another reminder to me to keep letting go and allow the universe to run the show more and more. Blessings, Reba

    1. Thank you, Vironika! Yes, it is always so simple, isn’t it? And yet like a mantra, we sometimes need to hear it over and over again! Grateful to you for stopping by! xox, Reba

  15. Reba….I so get what you are saying. The ‘mystery’ of not knowing and embracing it, trusting it, getting comfortable with it and ultimately it becomes fuel for so many amazing discoveries!

  16. I am so honored that InspireMe Today has elected to republish my post, Embracing the Mystery. When it was originally published earlier this year it sparked some wonderful discussion – I hope it still has an important message to offer. What are your thoughts on the topic? Does it resonate for where you are in your life today? I would love for you to join the discussion and I will be responding to personally to your comments on the post.

  17. Reba this is beautiful! It brings up a very fond and funny memory for me from just a couple of years ago. While at a festival promoting a spiritual center I hung a sign that said “Madame Know-It-All: Ask me 1 question and if I’m wrong you pay a $1”. Of course, I was always wrong ? but the answers were always quirky. It was so much fun and kids loved it!

  18. Yes, Reba! Life is full of surprises. Looking back we can see how much richer our experiences were than we thought at the time. Also sometimes we can truly appreciate that things did not go as planned! Much wisdom here- this is a classic! Thank you!

  19. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Reba. Every word carries love, mystery and illumination. The journey is ever-present…

  20. I love this inspirational post Reba! Embracing the mystery, being comfortable being uncomfortable and loving yourself through the process are beautiful self-nurturing recommendations and I love the wisdom that being the student is truly masterful! Thank you!

  21. Reba, Thank you for this thoughtful and insightful post. I so relate to your statement that “we are on a journey always” and that it’s okay to not know everything about what we’re doing and where we’re going. I, too, have found that when I reflect on my life so far, I was given “bread crumbs” along the way which have lead me to my larger life purpose which I’m passionate about. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  22. Life is an E-Ticket Ride. Reba, I love when you say “We become students, not masters, alert to what we do not yet fully comprehend.” We are ever the student if we are to truly expand our self-awareness and that of the world around us. The mystery of life is a mastery of it’s own. Enjoy the ride!

  23. So honored to have this re-published – thank you, InspireMeToday, for this and for all that you do to inspire so many and uplift our world. The lovely surprise is that, re-reading this today, it still rings true, and is a perfect message for me today. Love to all on this day!

  24. Again, so honored that this was selected for republication. As I read these familiar words I realized that their message was especially true for me today, of all days. Thank you, Divine Energy, for this beautiful boomerang of my own words, straight back into my own heart! Yet another example of the unknowable wisdom of the Universe.

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