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Reba Linker is a bestselling author, life coach, host of the Youtube interview show Paint Yourself Into the Picture and founder of AtoZ Healing Space, which celebrates the idea that many different modalities can lead to a greater awareness of the nature of the self and our partnership with Spirit. Learn more with a sampling of healing gifts from a few of our featured healers:

All Reba’s work embraces the idea that healing is always imminently possible, and change can happen easily and quickly. Reba’s books include The Little Book of Manifesting Big and Imagine Self-Love. She studied with a spiritual teacher for many years, certified in TIME Heals, Universal Sphere and ZPoint Therapy, and owned and operated a popular NYC dance studio. She brings all this, plus her own healing journey from trauma to joy, to her work with clients and to her online communities. Learn more at

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Embracing the Mystery

The mystery of life is not random or capricious, and our understanding can grow and grow. Nonetheless, it is an unending mystery, and there is always more to know. Even enlightened beings are still learning, still following their path. No doubt they follow a very elevated path, but a path it still is. What does this mean, in terms of our daily life? It means ALLOW the mystery. Yes, keep on knowing, planning and doing, yet also remember that there is meaning in the cracks in between all the knowing, planning and doing. It means get comfortable with not-knowing, with…

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