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Embrace Your Uniqueness. Embrace the good and bad of yourself. Let yourself shine to the world and share your gifts.

Each one of us on this planet is here to help another. Why hide your gifts from the world when you are what is needed. Embrace all that is a part of you and let the world see you. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. Accept all that is a part of you. Your wisdom is just as important as mine. We each have something different to share. Something unique within each person that no two people are alike.

Take what you love and share it. Find that passion you have, embrace it and work with it. Have courage in sharing what you love and have fun with it. Let the world embrace you for who you are. Shine that bright light on yourself for once and take centre stage. Come on and say.. HERE I AM! Relish in the love people send your way of the gifts you are sharing.

Take hold of that power and vibrant energy within you and use it. Light the flame and ignite your uniqueness. Own it and embrace it completely so we can see what you truly are. Only you have the power to shine and make yourself stand out. Unmask and move beyond what is holding you down. Take the first step to claiming your power of uniqueness. Let the words of positive vibrations flow through you. I am unique and my gifts are worth sharing.

Take your dreams and make them real. Your soul is calling you to embrace your uniqueness and embrace your natural talents. What you love to do is real and true. Take the desire and be bold by going for it. Break the chains and free yourself to honour yourself to make it happen. Just one step forward is all it takes.

Like Dorothy on her yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz.. You have one too. A path you are meant to be on. We each have a brain for wisdom, a heart of gold and most of all courage to help us overcome and trust what we are doing is right. Our higher self or whatever you want to call it is there to guide us. Our inner voice is waiting to be listened to and help us reclaim the power we have.

Reclaim the uniqueness of your gifts that you are here to share. Use them to help others like us see your own light. That glorious magnificent being you are. Let us see that wonderful transformation from an ugly duckling to a lovely white swan. Be happy, smile and laugh at moments that are such joy to watch such a simple pleasures in life. Even a small thing you see can be enough to spark you alive now Ignite the flames and let them rise above high for the world to see. Embrace Your Uniqueness and follow your yellow brick road to brilliance.

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Andrew Mondia lives to inspire life, love, excitement, power and creativity. An explorer at heart... Andrew is grateful that acting has taken him to both sides of the Atlantic since early childhood and through these experiences he has found his love and natural talent for making people laugh. But he never knows where he’s going to be next as he trusts in his spirit for guidance. Sounds crazy right? That’s the life of being an actor, you never know when the next gig is coming, and it’s always a surprise!

Andrew loves to inspire people to discover their top 5 passions, enabling them to make inspired choices for their lives as well. He creates a performance/workshop environment that can be taken to any part of the world with great success. In primary passion is being an internationally successful actor. His ultimate ideal desire is to bring laughter to the world through performances and works that he write, perform in and/or produce.
The impact Andrew desires is to have on everyone who sees his work is that extraordinary connection only shared by an actor and his audience. Come explore yours with lots of love, light and laughter!

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  1. Well I think this outstanding very few people are willing to share their dreams or what they are passionate about. I have to confess that I sometimes think I am one of those people.
    But with such inspirational message, one day something will come to shape.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Andrew. I’m reading it as I get ready for another leap if faith into a bit I’d the unknown again. But I think that this is what we’re supposed to do if we truly wish to evolve, expand, to be an ever increasing version of ourselves .
    Love that you shared your wonderful thoughts!

  3. Hello Andrew,
    Thank you for sharing. As they say Sharing is Caring. Inspirational message, Beautifully written.
    Looking forward to more.
    Thank you.

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