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Life is an internal job. Our external life mirrors the condition of our internal self. Emotional health determines our perceptions and influences our choices. Unresolved emotions tend to manifest themselves as turmoil in our external lives. To achieve the external harmony we desire, we need to first achieve internal harmony. Internal harmony can be achieved through engaging in spirituality, meditation or talk therapy to identify and resolve negative emotions.

Accept what you can and can’t control. Life happens to everyone. Life’s experiences, whether good or bad, are here to serve as a catalyst for growth. Frustrations arise from our desire to control outcomes. The only control we have in life is the ability to choose how we respond to life’s challenges. We can’t control the outcome or choose the challenges we go through.

We are special and unique individuals. Our uniqueness makes us special and proves that each human being is a gift to the world. We shouldn’t define our worth and value based on life’s experiences and monetary worth. Always consider yourself as a gift to this world because without you, the world will be missing a rare gift.

You are worthy to receive unconditional love. Contemporary culture has created rules by which to attain love. Unconditional love is love on a human to human level, where we love each other because we are humans who deserve to be loved. It is not earned or based on zip codes, race, financial standing or other human existing prerequisites. We are all worthy to receive love just because we are here on this earth.

You are on a journey to become your authentic self. The authentic self is who we truly are at the soul level. Images projected through media and unresolved emotions tend to create a barrier towards becoming our authentic selves. Life’s experiences, positive or negative, are a part of the process which we go through in order to unveil our authentic self. Living as your authentic self makes life worth living. It attracts happiness, love, joy, peace and above all, you get to meet the real you.

We possess the internal strength we require. Negative experiences pollute our perceptions of self and how much we can endure. Internal strength is the ability to proceed in the presence of fear. No matter how difficult life becomes, we should not be intimidated and succumb to fear. We are equipped with the resilience and the strength we need to walk through life.

Don’t be afraid of change. Sooner or later we will encounter an opportunity to embrace change. Fear of failure usually holds us back from exploring new opportunities and embracing the unfamiliar. Failure is just an outcome of events and is not a testament of who we are or of our efforts. True failure is failing to step up to the opportunity and venture into the unfamiliar. You will never know what greatness you possess until you accept the call to change.

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Rukudzo Is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master Degree in Professional Counseling. He has over 6 years experience in psychotherapy with individuals (Adults and Adolescents), couples, families and groups. He specializes in the areas of anxiety, self-esteem, divorce recovery, life changes and transitions, relationship conflict, parenting challenges and grief counseling. With a clinical approach grounded in cognitive-behavioral theory, his style is genuine, direct and engaging.

He is the founder of Inside Fitness Professional Counseling in Frisco, TX where his philosophy is that "life is an inside job, because the quality of your life mirrors the condition of your internal self". He also practices at the Potters House Center for Behavioral Health in Dallas TX where he has enjoyed the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Overall, Rukudzo partners with clients to increase self-awareness identify and release restrictive patterns, foster empowerment and encourage positive change.

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  1. Thank you, I just turned 36, I am going to through an emotional detox, sometimes loving to much destroy you, I let others have power over me, but God is bigger he picked me up, everyday I am growing wiser, I am Gods authentic masterpiece, thank you for your inspring message, I truly enjoyed it.

    1. Wanda, thank you for taking time to read this article. I am happy that you are learning and growing from your recent experience. You are on the right track. May God continue to give you the strength and wisdom you need to stay on this journey.

  2. Thank you for this powerful piece. I never before realized how I’ve desperately tried to control situations I had no influence over. It is really very frustrating. “Frustrations arise from our desire to control outcomes”. Enlightening article that jump starts emotional healing.

    1. Julie, thanks for your kind words. I too have been guilty of tried to control outcome which resulted in me battling anxiety. When my perspective shifted, I was able to overcome and realize that life is okay the way it is.

  3. Love it Rukudzo(Ricky)! This is great stuff and we need to learn how to inspire ourselves when we don’t hear clapping in the background. Kudos my friend!! Joy

    1. Thank you Shannon for taking time to read the article. I agree that with God as the foundation in our lives, all is possible and it becomes a natural transition to stand on these truths.

  4. I really enjoyed this post! It really spoke to me! I am also a therapist and always looking for capturing material. I will be promoting your article on my social media tonight! I love to see a fellow person of color doing their thing and doing it at such a high level. Many blessings! 🙂 -Leslie Holley (

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