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Rukudzo Is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master Degree in Professional Counseling. He has over 6 years experience in psychotherapy with individuals (Adults and Adolescents), couples, families and groups. He specializes in the areas of anxiety, self-esteem, divorce recovery, life changes and transitions, relationship conflict, parenting challenges and grief counseling. With a clinical approach grounded in cognitive-behavioral theory, his style is genuine, direct and engaging.

He is the founder of Inside Fitness Professional Counseling in Frisco, TX where his philosophy is that "life is an inside job, because the quality of your life mirrors the condition of your internal self". He also practices at the Potters House Center for Behavioral Health in Dallas TX where he has enjoyed the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Overall, Rukudzo partners with clients to increase self-awareness identify and release restrictive patterns, foster empowerment and encourage positive change.

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7 Thoughts to Keep You Inspired

Life is an internal job. Our external life mirrors the condition of our internal self. Emotional health determines our perceptions and influences our choices. Unresolved emotions tend to manifest themselves as turmoil in our external lives. To achieve the external harmony we desire, we need to first achieve internal harmony. Internal harmony can be achieved through engaging in spirituality, meditation or talk therapy to identify and resolve negative emotions. Accept what you can and can’t control. Life happens to everyone. Life’s experiences, whether good or bad, are here to serve as a catalyst for growth. Frustrations arise from our desire to control…

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