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Margaret Reinke is a retired RN, with 32 years of experience in administration of acute care hospitals and geriatric facilities, and one of seven founders of a local Hospice. Margaret is the author of From One Widow To Another, a brochure of tips to work through grief and maintain sanity.

Margaret is a fond mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She is an avid knitter for charities, a teacher of knitting, a world traveller and lover of music.

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What I’ve Learned Along the Road

It will be a life-long journey to try to get it right, but here are some things I feel were important to have learned so far: It is better to try and fail, than not to have tried. Be consistent and fair in all your dealings with people in all situations, not just family and work. Honestly is always the best policy. Truth is the truth, so easy to remember. Consider the opinions of others as they may be the ones with the right answers. It is OK to be wrong, but also important to admit it. There is more…

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