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Marilu is, perhaps, one of the most unusual authors you'll ever meet—she only started speaking English in 2000; she has no degrees on literature, psychology or philosophy; and she's too young to have enough wisdom to speak of. Her writing reflects an authentic enthusiasm to live life at its fullest, and to "download" and share her valuable insights into our human condition.
Marilu Holmes was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She spent her childhood training and dancing for one of the most prestigious ballet academies of her country, the Russian Ballet School of Gustavo Franklin. She still enjoys dancing through the practice of tango.
Marilu co-owns a small printing company in Florida with her husband. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and an Associate of Applied Science degree in film and TV production. She spent four years writing for a Venezuelan news radio station and a year as a reporter for a local TV channel before moving to the United States in 2000 with her husband. When their second child was born—in 2004—they opened their printing business. In 2015, she self published her first book—What’s In the Way of Your Happiness?—now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Marilu has been published in Elephant Journal, Whole Living Journal, and has been quoted in Illusion(s) Nouvelles et textes poétiques (texts inspired by Mark Drew’s photographs and juried for the Bancal Review, Paris, Nov 2014). She writes monthly for her personal blog, Downloads of Wisdom.

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Choosing the Path of Least Resistance

Stay naive in the belief that everything is going to be all right. Because if you don't trust that this is true, the Universe won't be able to assist you. Don't take your thoughts too seriously. Learn to laugh about yourself. Choose the path of least resistance, which isn't the lazy or comfortable one, but the one led by your enthusiasm and joy. Understand that happiness can only be experienced now, in the embodiment of the present as it is. Happiness isn’t excitement. It’s not even an emotion. Happiness is a state of no-resistance, of acceptance of what-is. It’s neutrality within, regardless…

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