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Author of more than a dozen books whose readers span the globe, Mark David Gerson electrifies groups and individuals around the world with his inspiring stories and motivational talks and seminars. Mark David's books include critically acclaimed titles for writers, award-winning fiction and compelling memoirs. His screenplay adaptations of his Q'ntana fantasy novels are on their way to theaters as a trio of epic feature films, and he is currently at work on a fourth novel in his popular Sara Stories as well as a second book in his Way of the Fool series of personal development books

Mark David works with an international roster of clients as a spiritual mentor, personal growth coach, writing/creativity coach/catalyst and project consultant. He is also a popular speaker on topics related to creativity and spirituality, as well as an accomplished artist and photographer.

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Trust, Leap, Surrender

Perhaps the most important principles I've learned through the years are the ones that inextricably link life and creativity, the ones that keep me open to the infinite, that help me surrender to the unknowable, that push me beyond the bounds of what I can imagine. I've also learned to be open to the synchronistic and the miraculous, to the numinous and the unseen. I've learned that not everything plays out as I expect. I've learned to trust my intuition above all else...even when that intuition doesn't appear to make sense. If I were a tarot card, I'd be The…

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