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Mark McIntosh is a long-time Denver media personality having served as an award-winning sportscaster and show host for CBS4 and KUSA. He continues to work in the media, is the author of multiple inspirational books and provides, through Victory Productions, encouragement and consultation for national and local companies in helping them reach and sustain peak performance. Victory’s consulting work also focuses on creating community outreach programs providing wellness, economic and educational opportunities for isolated, vulnerable and displaced people. In 2014, Victory created A Stronger Cord,, with a “Work out, hang out and help out” philosophy.” ASC utilizes exercise, relationship building and community service to encourage Americans to become more fit, connected and giving. The father of two grown children serves on the board of Rocky Mountain Human Services, SLAM Academy/Colorado and devotes many hours to a variety of community causes in the Denver area and beyond. In addition, Mark consults with Rally4, a Denver-based company devoted to helping non profits, faith-based organizations and schools thrive by raising awareness, building a bigger following and raising money.

For more information, please visit Victory Productions, A Stronger Cord    

En-courage Courage!

If there is one piece of advice I would offer you, it's this: never - and I despise using absolute words like "never" - never stop encouraging yourself and others in the pursuit of worthy goals. This advice is inspired by the definition of the word encouragement, which is "to give hope and confidence to." Can you imagine what this world would look like if we were constantly infusing others with hope and confidence? What would this world look like if EVERYONE was walking around with hope and confidence - despite the challenges they face in life? With successful strategies, always…

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