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If there is one piece of advice I would offer you, it’s this: never – and I despise using absolute words like “never” – never stop encouraging yourself and others in the pursuit of worthy goals. This advice is inspired by the definition of the word encouragement, which is “to give hope and confidence to.”

Can you imagine what this world would look like if we were constantly infusing others with hope and confidence? What would this world look like if EVERYONE was walking around with hope and confidence – despite the challenges they face in life? With successful strategies, always available within, that will help them transform whatever obstacles into opportunities for a greater expression of their true self?

If each of us held hope and confidence dear to our heart and mission, each of us would have tremendous POTENTIAL to achieve milestones far beyond what we might imagine for ourselves and others.

I respectfully offer, if this world suddenly became characterized by hope and confidence, not fear and self doubt, many challenges we face in society would vanish. People of all walks of life would be “running to daylight” in the pursuit of their dreams and goals that honor them, nurture those dependent upon them and add value to the communities they serve!

If we dedicate ourselves to being a constant “encourager” of others, guess what happens? The law of attraction kicks in and, in return, we will draw toward us the same positive energy that we throw out toward others.

We must believe deep within the marrow of our bones that it’s our attitude toward life that will dictate how our lives unfold: a great attitude creates great results; a bad attitude, bad results. There are few exceptions to this universal truth.

Awakening each day with a positive attitude and a sense of wonderment to the potential a new day holds gives us the power to overcome what life will always bring to us: challenges.

Life is not easy. It will throw you unexpected, and unwanted, curveballs when you least deserve them. Keep a healthy attitude toward these changes and keep encouraging yourself! You live with that person inside your soul 24/7. Trust me, the world will try and beat you up enough, don’t compound the problem by hammering on yourself.

I have suffered a life-changing head injury, two painful divorces and been part of many corporate restructuring and downsizing strategies. I know you have similar stories of painful moments in your life. Don’t become a victim of circumstance, instead become a student of experience determined to use this chapter of your life to grow toward a greater expression of the one and only YOU: unique, talented and loaded with immense potential.

Encourage yourself and others. Overcome obstacles and transform them into opportunities to “run to daylight” in your life. Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams. Instead remember, courage is the soul of your dreams. En-courage courage.

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Mark McIntosh is a long-time Denver media personality having served as an award-winning sportscaster and show host for CBS4 and KUSA. He continues to work in the media, is the author of multiple inspirational books and provides, through Victory Productions, encouragement and consultation for national and local companies in helping them reach and sustain peak performance. Victory’s consulting work also focuses on creating community outreach programs providing wellness, economic and educational opportunities for isolated, vulnerable and displaced people. In 2014, Victory created A Stronger Cord,, with a “Work out, hang out and help out” philosophy.” ASC utilizes exercise, relationship building and community service to encourage Americans to become more fit, connected and giving. The father of two grown children serves on the board of Rocky Mountain Human Services, SLAM Academy/Colorado and devotes many hours to a variety of community causes in the Denver area and beyond. In addition, Mark consults with Rally4, a Denver-based company devoted to helping non profits, faith-based organizations and schools thrive by raising awareness, building a bigger following and raising money.

For more information, please visit Victory Productions, A Stronger Cord    

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  1. Wow I so believe in all you say and I too have been through so much and I really try to encourage everyone I meet. God bless you and keep encouraging as I sure need it every day.

  2. I hear you Mark. I encourage everyone, and myself. We all had hardship and I for one, is worth it, and encourage others to find the encouragement, you, and I have found. As you suggested, I have been encouraged by others. So I do it to others. I look at my past pain, as experience. Thank you Mark for encouraging me to respond. Lots of love.

  3. Mark, Your article about encouraging others to help achieve their GOALS is really inspiring and given the backdrop of your personal challenges it really acquires Mammoth Dimensions. Keep it up.

  4. you indicate a wonderful stating point: what (besides your encouragement), generally speaking, allows us to begin to realize that that is a or the starting point?

  5. Great stuff. in order to survive on this planet you need to be courageous. if not you will live a live of misery.

  6. Yes I love this article, we can all do with a little encouragement at times, some more than others. We do not always see the day light shining brightly, but it’s always worth looking for it.
    Love and Blessings Annamarie

  7. Life is much more pleasurable when encouraging others – as well as yourself. Courage is sometimes simply taking the first action step, reaching out to someone with an offer of support, listening carefully, and being a friend. Absolutely, what goes around comes around. Thanks for the reminder Mark.

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