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Hi my name is Mary Siddall, and I am from Peru. From an early age I have been passionate about happiness. As life always do, it took me on many paths, which I am grateful for. It made me realize that I love helping people. From being an accountant, a receptionist, a weight loss consultant, zumba instructor, etc I realize that I wanted to coach. I believe that I can create my reality and I always did, but for some reason I was scare to go through one more step. But guess what, I chose love instead of fear and this year I opened my business, Balance My TrueSelf LLC. I am a life coach, blogger and speaker here to support people of all walks of life in coming back to their TrueSelves and discover the happiness within. Life is amazing, but yet we still find it painful and we turn to be victims. I want to show the world, with my blogs and consultations that working on your TrueSelf first (that means you) would transform you and that would lead you to thrive in every single aspect of your life. I like meeting people where they are at, some know exactly what they want others not. I walk with you hand and hand to help you create that life that yes! you deserve. I am a bilingual coach who does one on one and long distance consultations. I am only successful with your success, when I help you, I help myself. It is time to balance your TrueSelf for a better us, for a better world.

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