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When we are born, we are wise, loving, beautiful, amazing and for the most part whole. We are our TrueSelves, but as soon as we start on this ride called life, we start stepping out of that self. The reasons can be many; examples in my case include family, school, friends, etc. All of these factors shaped me into who I became. I had my roadblocks from an early age, but something inside of me knew life was beautiful and still worth it. So I became what many call a rebel. How was I a rebel? I stood up for myself; I spoke up; I discussed with authority figures, teachers and religious leaders, which caused me in a couple of cases to be kicked out of places.

I was always respectful and full of joy. Why is it then when I want to be my TrueSelf people don’t like it? Does society pull us apart from the Self? With that in mind, I created my life and, most of the time, had the support of my loved ones, who also thought I was a rebel. I kept searching, questioning, journaling, etc. I became friends with everybody, no matter what they believed. In the end I knew and I am still sure we are all on different pages but from the same book.

As I became obsessed with joy, happiness and manifesting what I wanted, I kept searching. I used whatever there was to make my life better and tried to share it as much as I could with my family and friends through my way of life. Still, people thought I was a rebel. People thought my life was easy; what people didn’t know was that I also had pain and fears, but I realized that however I reacted I would make my own heaven or hell. So why not try my best to have a good attitude, right? Guess what? Life tested me many times and I kept going. It is not always easy, but what makes it better is that I am aware; awareness is the key.

So I made up my own definition: what is my TrueSelf? TrueSelf is that divine person that was created by whatever you believe created you. Society most of the time pulls you away from that, and life, in order to get you back on track, keeps giving you tests called your experiences to make you go back to that TrueSelf who is amazing, lovable and worthy. But because of fear, we sometimes make decisions that keep us away from coming back to your TrueSelf.

It is time to come back to your TrueSelf. What matters is your light, your essence. When you are your real you, you will be amazed at how everything works in life. We all want a better world, and it is only possible working for a better us first.


Hi my name is Mary Siddall, and I am from Peru. From an early age I have been passionate about happiness. As life always do, it took me on many paths, which I am grateful for. It made me realize that I love helping people. From being an accountant, a receptionist, a weight loss consultant, zumba instructor, etc I realize that I wanted to coach. I believe that I can create my reality and I always did, but for some reason I was scare to go through one more step. But guess what, I chose love instead of fear and this year I opened my business, Balance My TrueSelf LLC. I am a life coach, blogger and speaker here to support people of all walks of life in coming back to their TrueSelves and discover the happiness within. Life is amazing, but yet we still find it painful and we turn to be victims. I want to show the world, with my blogs and consultations that working on your TrueSelf first (that means you) would transform you and that would lead you to thrive in every single aspect of your life. I like meeting people where they are at, some know exactly what they want others not. I walk with you hand and hand to help you create that life that yes! you deserve. I am a bilingual coach who does one on one and long distance consultations. I am only successful with your success, when I help you, I help myself. It is time to balance your TrueSelf for a better us, for a better world.

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  1. Thank you Mary, very inspiring! I love what you said about “being on different pages of the same book.”

  2. Wonderful, Mary! I have begun being hapfully happy and sleepfully sleep in reiteration to supplement my going within through the center point and subtly ascending to go through the tip of the paramedial chakras into the inverted pyramid of life force onto uncountable infinity. I am but missing the third part of mine, something to do with love by sex and at 59, I see myself finding it now.

  3. Like your definition of TrueSelf. Congratulations on your successful (on your terms) life journey. Being a rebel, in my mind, is a good thing because it means you question the status quo , are curious, and want to do more.

  4. I totally agree that we need to become rebels. We can’t be afraid of being our unique selves.

    Society has too many rules. We need to make our own rules in order for us to be our true selves.

  5. Yes Mary we need to rebel against the toxic normalcy . I’m retirement age / lost mother a friend and closest sibling all within last 2 weeks. ….and my siblings still refuse to relate to me kindly.

    The truth threatens those who are not yet brave enough to deal with it and to love.

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