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     Michael J. Chase is a bestselling author, renowned speaker, and one of today’s most influential voices for creating a kinder world. Specializing in contemporary teachings on kindness, compassion and emotional wellness; his books and lectures reveal how living from the heart plays a critical role in healing our lives and our planet.

     In recent years, Chase has become a strong advocate for those struggling with mental health afflictions. His latest book, Truth Over Shame, shares his personal journey through chronic depression, emphasizing the importance of removing the stigma which surrounds the disease. He now offers keynotes and workshops, teaching simple, yet life-altering techniques focused on overcoming and preventing emotional despair.

Speaking at events throughout the US and Canada, Michael has shared the stage with Louise L. Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Marianne Williamson, and other self-empowerment legends. Whether presenting his ideas in a classroom or on stage in front of thousands, his message of hope impacts countless lives each year.

     Chase's work is not aligned with any particular belief system—his teachings are based on the universal language of kindness, which embraces all and excludes none. When he is not traveling, Michael resides on the coast of Maine with his four-legged best friend Dharma, where he has authored three books that highlight the benefits of living a compassionate life. To learn more please visit:

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Use The Astonishing Power of Kindness

1. Think kind thoughts about yourself and others. 2. Speak kind words about yourself and others. 3. Act in kind ways toward yourself, others and the earth. Developing a "kindness consciousness" is one of the most powerful ways to get out of our analytical, "it's all about me" mindset and into our true nature, which is joy and love. When we are projecting the qualities of love, kindness and compassion, we immediately disconnect from the egotistical self, which creates most of our unhappiness in life. If this seems unrealistic, simply try it for yourself. Think, speak or act kindly and…

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