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Michael S. Hubbard is from Musella, Georgia. He has 5 children and 12 grand children. He is an inspirational speaker, a business owner with national companies, avid deer hunter and fisherman. He has been totally blind for the past 26 years, but "not visually impaired."

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Today’s Brilliance from Michael Hubbard

On April 1st, 1982, I went through the windshield of an automobile. Almost a month later, I walked out of the hospital on my own. Blind. From that day on, since my vision was gone, I've had to learn to use my mental vision. Here's what I've learned. As a person thinks in their mind, so will they be.  Take that one message and learn it, consume it, memorize it, adopted it. Make it a habitual part of your every day life, and you can change yourself and the world that you live in. Every thing that you and I…

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