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Michael experienced great spiritual transformation through tragical experience like many others do. Raised in a strict form of Christianity which did not promote tolerance to the beliefs of others, he considers his upbringing "a bit off" because he was required as a young child to regularly defend the religious beliefs of his family which were totally unheard of within his local community. Michael also is the bearer of a rare genetic order which causes males in his family to begin puberty near the age of 2 - 3 yrs old, reaching mature adult status about the age of 12 - 13 yrs. So you can imagine difficulties with dating and fitting in through grade school years! Nonetheless, this everpresent sense of being different, is ultimately what gave Michael the courage to break free from the chains of organized religion to begin the path to real spiritual truth.

Getting Over That Bump in the Road

Remove from your head everything you've ever been told you are or are not. You probably know yourself better than anyone else does anyway. Nothing that anyone else says you are can change who you really are. So forget them! They only hold you back. If you think you are capable of achieving great things, but some voice inside tells you it can't happen or won't, recognize the voice and shun it! As long as you listen to that voice, you'll only go as far as that voice allows you. This is your voice of inner confidence. Don't live your…

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