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Remove from your head everything you’ve ever been told you are or are not. You probably know yourself better than anyone else does anyway. Nothing that anyone else says you are can change who you really are. So forget them! They only hold you back.

If you think you are capable of achieving great things, but some voice inside tells you it can’t happen or won’t, recognize the voice and shun it! As long as you listen to that voice, you’ll only go as far as that voice allows you. This is your voice of inner confidence.

Don’t live your life for others. Live your life to the fullest so you can help others to do the same. If someone doesn’t agree with the path which you have chosen, look within yourself where all the answers lie, to know if you are right or wrong. Most often, the path less travelled is the right one; the black sheep is often the right lamb.

Poverty is a bump in the road, not a destination. It only points you to a more successful path than the one you’ve found yourself upon. Riches, too, are a bump in the road, and you may find yourself wishing to return to a more simple path.

Finally, if you have eyeballs to read this, then you have a heart to hope, and no negative emotion can rest easily in a heart filled with hope.

Everything is about energy, and various forms of energy at that- positive, negative, neutral, spiritual, and so on. When viewed under microscopic conditions, the human body is a vast empty space which we only see with the naked eye, connected by invisible molecules attached by invisible bonds, only visible because the naked eye was designed to see the body.

The microscope, however, gives a much different view of the universe, yet much more accurate. Most of us, however, will choose to see with the naked eye the universe about us, and by doing so we rob ourselves of the vast wealth of intuition which we can experience through an open heart rather than open eyes.

It really is our choice to perceive this existence in a positive manner and to share it with others, or we can continue to watch as our beautiful earth disintegrates with hatred and violence into a world in which I would hate to leave my children.

I know I’m not the only one who has been through the ringer. In fact, you are probably reading this as a result of seeking inspiration in a time of trial of your own. Be of good courage, my friends, and great confidence; our Higher Power is just as real today as ever. Seek this guidance and trust it, and watch as awesomeness is born into your life everyday! And always return to this website, a true birthplace of wise words!!

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Michael experienced great spiritual transformation through tragical experience like many others do. Raised in a strict form of Christianity which did not promote tolerance to the beliefs of others, he considers his upbringing "a bit off" because he was required as a young child to regularly defend the religious beliefs of his family which were totally unheard of within his local community. Michael also is the bearer of a rare genetic order which causes males in his family to begin puberty near the age of 2 - 3 yrs old, reaching mature adult status about the age of 12 - 13 yrs. So you can imagine difficulties with dating and fitting in through grade school years! Nonetheless, this everpresent sense of being different, is ultimately what gave Michael the courage to break free from the chains of organized religion to begin the path to real spiritual truth.

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  1. Michael, you touched on the Holy Grail of “being.” That inner voice that has been distorted by perceptions that don’t serve us, nor humanity! Quieting the fallacious, generally dominating voice is the challenge leading to owning our uniqueness and brilliance. It can be done with a decision, and often becomes a life long quest of starting to know and experience the power that is “you.” Each persons path can be significantly different and can be equated to Joseph Campbell’s, “The Hero’s Journey!”
    Thanks so much for posting this. . .you can see it triggered reflection and hope for humanity.

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