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Recognize that we are all connected. There is a Oneness of all Life, so leave your thoughts of exceptionality and separation behind and embrace that Life.

A daily practice of meditation, prayer work, affirmations and reading will grow, over time, from daily practice to what you practice daily. That is a whole new way of life.

Be aware for synchronicity and follow your guidance.

What you call your intuition is the voice of God – Guidance-On-Demand.

The Source of all your experience is at the very core of your being. Spirit is in me and I am in Spirit and there is no place where one ends and the other begins.

Make every person you meet feel that you care that they are here and that you are genuinely glad to see them.

Learn the difference between discernment and judgment. I may discern that another’s activities do not serve me and wish to remove myself from their presence, but that does not give me permission to judge the individual. Condemn the offense, but not the “offender”.

Live in expectancy – knowing only that you expect good and more good to be your reality.

You will never be more Spiritual than you are at this moment. Stop looking about for your fulfillment and turn within to reveal and express it.

Every morning, before your feet hit the floor, greet the Divine, give thanks for the day and make your affirmations. My day begins:

“Good morning God – Thank you for this day.”
“I have always been joyous this day.”
“I have always been happy, healthy and pain free.”
“I am ready, willing and able to accept more good into my life than I have ever experienced, imagined, manifested or expressed.”
“In every situation and circumstance that I encounter today I present the very best version of me that I have available in that moment.”
“I am safe, loved, confident and clear. I have the capacity, anytime and anywhere, to care for myself in powerful ways. I am capable and I flourish.”

You chose to come here at this very interesting time. Bigger than that, we chose to come here together to express our piece of the puzzle.

“Softer than a flower, where kindness is concerned; stronger than the thunder, where principles are at stake.” ~ A person of God, Vedic tradition

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Ken Ludwig is an inspiring speaker and coach with a focus on addiction and recovery.  He has been sharing his inspirational story of living a more conscious and spiritual life to national audiences for many years.

Ken influences positive lifestyles by being an effective advocate for his coaching clients, teaching daily practice to teens and young adults and as the Director of The Red Door Sanctuary in Denver. He is a coaching licensee of Business Growth Solutions, a Licensed Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living and a certified Career Intuitive Coach.  Ken is honored to be a contributing blogger for Out Front Colorado and Out in the City.

Mostly, Ken is very clear that his message and teaching in this world is to guide and teach others as they unfold into their daily practice; knowing it makes a difference within themselves and for the betterment of humanity and our amazing evolution.

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