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Mikaya Heart is an author and a coach in the art of being fully alive. Her memoir, My Sweet Wild Dance, was described as soul-refreshment of the highest order, and won a Golden Crown Literary Award. Her latest book is The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women. She uses shamanic methods to help people access the vastness of being, enabling us to identify and exercise choice - which might be considered the ultimate skill in being human.

Mikaya grew up in Scotland in the fifties, and lived in the boonies of northern California for years, building her own house out of recycled lumber, and running an organic market garden. She now travels constantly, following the wind so that she can indulge in her favorite pastime, which is kitesurfing. 

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Let Go of the Past and Embrace Your True Self

We are not physical beings trying to be spiritual, we are already magnificent beings of spirit, choosing to play around with the experience of being in physical form. Experience life fully. Embrace all of life. Allow it to flow through you and manifest however it needs, no matter how unconventional that may appear. Life, energy, force, power: they are the same thing. The sensation of life flowing is sometimes alarming when you are not used to it, and most of us have been used to quelling it in an effort to appear adult and rational. Start allowing it now. Let…

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